Why can’t a wild starter Pokémon be captured?

Since the series Pokémon created, many creatures in this fantasy world became incredibly famous. The games of Game Freak gave birth to a global phenomenon. For the non-fans of the series, perhaps these Pokémon The most recognizable for them is the Pokémon starter. At the beginning of each game section, the player is given a choice between three Pokémon, each representing one of the three Systems. Players will have to stick with their chosen Pokémon for the rest of the game, as Pokémon starter is not only extremely powerful, but very rare as well.

Of course, all of these starter Pokémon have traits that are easy to remember. Classic Pokémon like Charizard and Blastoise are etched into the memory of fans, while newer Pokémon like Samurott and Decidueye have very complicated looks, attracting a lot of attention. Every year, many fans wonder and speculate why these starter Pokémon are so rare.

In most Pokémon games, they are not available from the start. In addition, they are often not obtained in the wild through conventional means such as through a Pokéball. So, why exactly is Pokémon starter completely absent from the wilderness?

With such a compelling question, the fan hypothesis on the subject is equally compelling. A Pokémon fan on Reddit gives a reason why Pokémon starter is no longer found in the wild. This theory suggests that starter Pokémon were often captured in ancient times due to their intelligence and power.

Consequently, they were the first creatures to bring great benefit to mankind, which earned them the title of Starter – “The Beginnings”. However, over time they have been overused, reducing their number of species. Due to their decreasing numbers in the wild, they have become very rare.

Why can t a wild starter Pok mon be captured | Manga/Film

The theory concludes that due to their elusive nature, Pokémon starter is usually only held by scientists and professors. This is done to ensure organisms can be researched and to keep the last remaining organisms alive. The hypothesis also comes up intelligently about the game Pokémon Snap, in this game startets can roam in the wilderness because players are not allowed to capture them. Therefore, they can multiply spontaneously without any human intervention.

In general, this hypothesis has made a number of assumptions to justify itself. Even so, everything in the theory makes perfect sense. The rarity of such coveted Pokémon would clearly explain why only professors and scientists still have them. In addition, each starting generation had three equivalent Systems, Fire, Water, and Plant.

In the early days of civilization, these Pokémon were able to help modernize their respective regions using their unique talents. This is a small but astonishing hypothesis and will provide many reasons why these particular Pokémon are so sought after in the Pokémon world.

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