Why are the Tanjiro relatives ‘extreme’ in Kimetsu no Yaiba?

The Kamado family, while only selling coal and have never been well off, still possesses the virtues that are worthy of respect for the men who have grown up from that family.

1. Kamado Sumiyoshi

The great-grandfather Sumiyoshi first appeared in chapter 99, in Tanjiro’s dream. The original image reminds readers like many others in the Kamado family: Sumiyoshi looks virtuous, generous, honest and humble. He took care of the children to let his wife sleep, expressing gratitude to the swordsman Yoriichi – who is also a frequent visitor.

Making rice to welcome guests, taking care of her children to sleep, Sumiyoshi is indeed his wife’s afternoon!

Going to chapter 186, reminiscing about when Yoriichi visited Sumiyoshi’s house again (2 years after chapter 99), at this time Tanjiro was looking to learn about the thirteenth consciousness to develop. But of course all actions and words belong to Sumiyoshi, Tanjiro can only hear and feel. Sumiyoshi stayed at home splitting firewood and taking care of Sumire, while his wife carried the baby boy to collect nuts.

Why are the Tanjiro relatives extreme in Kimetsu no Yaiba | GameK

Sumiyoshi and the first daughter, Sumire

He sat listening to Yoriichi about his life and he wanted to say something to comfort this swordsman. Sumiyoshi suggested Yoriichi carry Sumire, which showed sympathy for the unhappy swordsman’s plight. The father and son accidentally brought a little joy and comfort in Yoriichi’s heart.

2. Kamado Tanjuro

Mr. Tanjuro first appeared in Chapter 1 of Tanjiro’s flashback when Nezuko was a child. Tanjuro is the descendant of Sumiyoshi’s next generation. His personality is somewhat lower than Sumiyoshi, but the father certainly has all the virtues of the family’s inherent virtue, generosity, honesty and humility.

Why are the Tanjiro relatives extreme in Kimetsu no Yaiba | GameK

Referring to his father, Tanjiro always remembers the image of a gentle smile and a warm voice. Although his body became weak later on, he still tried to support his family in his strength and performed Fire God Gods on New Year’s Day. After little Tanjiro offered to dance instead of worrying about his health, Tanjuro said “Thank you, but for years, I never thought it would be hard work.” He is shown to be very responsible for his ancestors’ promise to benefactor Yoriichi.

Why are the Tanjiro relatives extreme in Kimetsu no Yaiba | GameK

“I’m sorry for your hungry stomach. But if you come any closer, I won’t leave you alone,” Tanjuro said before flying the bear’s head off.

Still the same character, compassionate but unforgiving, he loves his family very much and will do everything to protect them. Despite his long death, Tanjuro’s teachings and his guidance are always with the brothers Tanjiro and Nezuko.

3. Kamado Tanjiro

The image of an eldest son, an elder brother in a family in Tanjiro is built through many details scattered throughout the story. Tanjiro is an eldest son who deeply loves his father. His father died, the Hanafuda earrings and the traditional Kamado family dance are still preserved by him. He has also become the breadwinner in the family to replace his deceased father, even though he was only 13 years old.

Why are the Tanjiro relatives extreme in Kimetsu no Yaiba | GameK

The male lead Tanjiro is always at the top in the poll of favorite character or character image that young people want to be. The main reason for that success was not the burning enthusiasm and respect for the typical friendship among teenage comic male leads. His gentle, considerate personality and immense love for his family have touched many people.

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