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Why are so many pizza restaurants willing to give away faulty food and not to their staff?

The question was discussed on Quora by author Robert Maguire, a person with more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Most agree that if the owner lets the employee eat “bug cakes” the number of bug cakes will increase, because more crackers mean more free pizza.

One commentator also told his own story, when his parents owned a small local traditional bakery. Each day they will receive cakes “consigned” from the baker. At the end of the day, they pay the mechanic and send him the remaining cakes.

One day, an employee in the shop to export with the worker to get the remaining bread, instead of discarding it will be wasted. As a result, since the worker agrees, the number of cakes is usually available up to 15-20 slices, instead of just 1-2 slices as before. The reason is that the employee secretly hid more cakes so the shop could not sell, then asked for the baker at the end of the day.

“It was with a local bakery. Now imagine if it happened on a much larger scale. Let’s say with Pizza Hut. Not just for food, leftovers can now be resold. may experience a decline in global sales, because the more products that don’t sell, the more people will like them, because they can then sell and re-sell them at will. Or worse, some of the baking staff have Bad intentions may intentionally make mistakes, such as adding too many onions, overheating, … leaving the cake tossed away and falling into their pockets. Leftovers, it is better to give to those in need, the unlucky ones, than to feed them to employees, “he concluded.

The truth is: When the employer is comfortable with the employee, the “trimming” situation decreases

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Author Robert Maguire, in fact, gave an unexpected answer from his own experience.

He said that he once read a book with an example related to the stationery problem. In the story, the company keeps everything in a locker carefully, anyone who wants to get office supplies must sign the book. So people started to take out an entire pen box, a whole pad of writing paper, … because no one would waste the effort of signing a notebook just to get each pen … After that, they would take those pens and papers home.

Eventually some people come up with the idea of ​​leaving the closet open, and the staff will just get everything they need … As a result, the cost of stationery suddenly dropped by about 30%.

Robert Maguire said that learning from that story, he applied it to his business. When he opened the convenience store, he told the staff how much chocolate and soft drinks they would like to eat and drink, depending on how much chocolate and soft drinks he liked, but had to put empty wrappers and cans in the ‘spoiled goods’ box for him to list on the discount. hao… If they were on shift duty, they could smoke a pack of cigarettes, but the front shift worker would be the one to give them directly.

Likewise, when opening a pizza restaurant, Robert Maguire always allows employees to make a super large pizza to enjoy, and can use whatever ingredients they want. The only problem he asked was that they had to finish the pizza, not to be wasted.

“Trust me – the depreciation of inventory has dropped – when employees realize they can grab a Pepsi or a Coke at will, or make a pizza, the ‘thrill’ of sneaky behavior won’t There is room to live. ‘while trying to do something the boss doesn’t know,’ explains Robert.

He revealed the interesting thing is that this management method will build an honest team. If an employee catches another person acting stealthily or stealing, they will talk to that employee directly. As a result, the behavior will stop, or the employee will quit the job very quickly after that.

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