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Who was the first girl Truong Vo Ky accepted as a wife?

She is a female character in the novel Ỷ Dragon Ball Heaven of the late writer Kim Dung. An Ly, also known as Thu Nhi, is the daughter of An Ye Vuong, grandson of Bach Mi Ung Vuong, cousin of Truong Vo Ky. She has a large scar on her face, so she is considered ugly compared to other girls, her personality is not gentle, but also somewhat rude and rude. But An Ly is a very personality, clear love and hate, wholeheartedly to Truong Vo Ky. She was also the first person to be admitted by the Cavalry and promised to marry.

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An Ly used to be a girl with a pretty face, but her father An Ye Vuong was a polygamy. Affected, she is not taken care of by her father. When she was only seven or eight years old, she killed her stepmother in order to regain justice for her mother. Being chased by two older brothers, her mother lost her life for saving her. An Ly wandered into the world, luckily Kim Hoa’s grandmother rescued her and accepted to be a disciple.

On a trip with her grandmother to Ho Diep Coc, An Ly met Truong Vo Ky, who was healing Huyen Minh Than Chuong here. Because she had good intentions, she wanted Truong Vo Ky to follow her grandmother to Linh Xa Island but had not received his approval, both sides scuffled, she was bitten by the Zhang surname, bleeding on the back of her hand. It was that bite that drew a turning point in her life, binding her to the figure of Truong Vo Ky. She resembles that shadow ever since, day and night remember, never calming down. She goes everywhere, looking everywhere, hoping to see again the shadow that she calls herself “the” treacherous lover “, just to ask him a question, whether he likes her or not.

Who was the first girl Truong Vo Ky accepted as a wife | Khám phá

An Ly days looking forward to miss Truong Vo Ky.

When growing up, An Ly met Truong Vo Ky again, but when the two met again, the two did not recognize each other. Truong Vo Ky at that time took the name Tang A Nguu because of his sympathy and compassion he accepted the invitation to marry her. She was very proud, because she saw that there were still people in this world who loved and protected her, she wanted to let that treacherous lover see him that he was wrong to dare to beat her, scold her, bite her. , spurned her. However, while Monk A Niu is only pity for her and her heart is always directed to Zhou Zhihu, she is only one-hearted with the figure in the past. Monk A Nguu is just an excuse for her to remember more about Truong Vo Ky.

When she heard that Truong Vo Ky had died from falling down the canyon, she was so heartbroken that she wanted to die to be friends with him. but she still had to repay her grandmother’s merit, so she made an appointment that when she was hundred years old she would plunge herself into the snowy valley to be company with him.

When Jinhua, grandmother and Xie Ton turned to fight, she refused to help her grandmother carry out the trick with the surname Ta because he was Truong Vo Ky’s father. She betrayed her grandmother, whom she had the grace of saving lives and raised. She was seriously injured, in a coma with Truong Vo Ky and three other beauties wandering the boat between the sea and the desert.

Chu Chi Ruo knew the secret of the Dragon Saber and the Ỷ the divine sword, the blade and the sword contained a set of martial arts secrets. After stealing the blade and sword, Zhou Zhiyan was discovered by An Ly, with an evil spirit, she killed someone who killed her mouth and blamed Zhao Man. When Shu Nhi was killed, Truong Vo Ky set up a title called “My wife’s grave, Truong Vo Ky is careful”, can clearly see Truong Vo Ky’s grief towards An Ly.

Who was the first girl Truong Vo Ky accepted as a wife | Khám phá

An Ly, realizing the love Truong Vo Ky had for Trieu Man, took the initiative to withdraw.

However, fate could not have the heart to steal a person with meaningful affection, she did not die, rose up in her grave, returned to Trung Nguyen, An Ly reunited with Truong Vo Ky and learned that Truong Vo Ky was Tang A Nguu. and Tang A Niu is Truong Vo Ky, but she dismisses the current Truong Vo Ky, a person who loves her, willing to marry her to find her the name of the Dragon-Sweeper who bites her in the past. at Ho Diep Coc. Suddenly she made everyone think that in her heart she was only carrying the silhouette of a ferocious Truong Vo Ky, his own bite imprinted a scar on her hand while also engraved a mark. The indelible seal in this girl’s little heart.

Also from that missed death, she understood her heart, understood her true feelings, and understood the irony of fate. She realized that she only loved the older brother Truong Vo Ky but was aggressive day after day, and the Tang A Nguu, she had absolutely no love.

Who was the first girl Truong Vo Ky accepted as a wife | Khám phá

An Ly was the strangest most powerful person who loved Truong Vo Ky.

It is difficult to say of the 4 girls who love Truong Vo Ky, who loves him the most, but the strangest strong is An Ly. She has only loved Truong Vo Ky all her life, but being a little boy in the past, she rejected, cursed, and bit her arm, not the gentle and kind Truong Vo Ky but An Ly later realized. Or maybe, she realized the love Truong Vo Ky had for Trieu Man, so she took the initiative to withdraw, looking at the person she loved to be happy.

Maybe many people think that Thu Nhi is a little crazy girl and has some delusions in love, but it is undeniable that she is a very loyal and willing person. An Ly’s feelings are not like other normal girls, but it has a bit of an evil direction, like her personality, the personality that perhaps a bitter and unhappy childhood has formed. for her.

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