Who is Marvel’s most advanced artificial intelligence?

The Marvel Universe has no shortage of impressive artificial intelligence, from the various AI programs that help operate the Iron Man’s armor to the ISAAC supercomputer that supports almost everything in the Titan world, Thanos’ hometown. But out of all the Marvel AI characters, which one is the most advanced?

From the original comics, Ultron is undoubtedly one of Marvel’s most formidable AI characters. Created in the comics by Hank Pym, Ultron quickly surpassed what his creator envisioned and became one of the Avengers’ greatest foes.

Ultron usually takes the form of a humanoid robot, with abilities such as super strength, speed enhancement, super endurance, the ability to fly and release energy … Ultron can also create and manipulate muscles. Another robot using something called hive-mind technology, which is essentially Ultron’s army.

In Avengers Vol. 3 # 19, Ultron uses his army to level the entire city. However, Ultron’s ability to control other machines is not limited to his other versions. In the Avengers: Rage of Ultron series, Ultron briefly took control of Titan’s ISAAC system, which proved that the character could take over even the most advanced alien technology. . Moreover, Ultron constantly improves and upgrades himself, which also makes this AI a strong candidate for Marvel’s most advanced artificial intelligence position.

But if we consider it more carefully, Vision will not be inferior to Ultron. Like in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Vision was created by Ultron as a tool to take revenge on the Avengers, but when Ultron turned his back on his creator, Vision did the same for Ultron.

With powers such as flight, energy projection, and density control, Vision also proved himself to be the “tool” to help the Avengers defeat Ultron, and soon after, he fell in love with Scarlet Witch.

The two eventually got married in Giant-Size Avengers # 4 and even had children together thanks to Wanda’s magic. Vision is undoubtedly Marvel’s most human-like AI, and in Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s Vision set, he shows himself to be able to create other AIs of equal sophistication, which surpasses it is assumed that Ultron is superior just because he created Vision.

Who is Marvel s most advanced artificial intelligence | Living

Ultron and Vision are two of the most advanced AI on Earth, but humans are not the only race to create artificial intelligence in the Marvel universe. The aliens called Kree also have a literal AI called Supreme Intelligence, made up of the brains of the smartest Kree people in history.

As Supreme Wisdom (also known as Supremor) continued to assimilate the top Kree minds, it eventually developed a consciousness of its own – a consciousness so intelligent that it could be completely replaced. the entire Kree government. With the guidance of Supreme Intelligence, the Kree have made great strides, most notably when Supremor used the Forever Crystal to evolve the Kree into a new race called the Ruul in Avengers Forever. With an infinite intelligence, as well as spiritual powers such as telepathy and remote control, Supreme Intelligence will also be one of the brightest candidates for the title of most advanced artificial intelligence. Marvel.

Who is Marvel s most advanced artificial intelligence | Living

Known as a giant organic artificial intelligence that ruled the Kree race for nearly a million years, Supreme Intelligence (also known as Supremor) lived in the capital of the Kree empire. This entity is made up of the bodies of the brains of the leaders as well as philosophers, scientists & warriors of the Kree empire throughout the history of this race. It was created with the goal of building a Cosmic Cube to counter the Skrull race, but Supremor refused because it was too dangerous. After a stint as an adviser to the Kree, Supremor gradually became the leader of the empire over the next 200 years.

In fact, determining which of these AIs is Marvel’s most advanced depends on how the word “advanced” is defined. In terms of basic knowledge, Supreme Intelligence is like an encyclopedia because it gathers information from the smartest minds of the Kree and uses it to improve the Kree race.

However, Vision is most closely related to a living entity, which one could argue is more advanced than simple data collection. Ultron may also be worthy of this title because of his evolutionary abilities. In addition, Fantastic Four also revealed a future in which Ultron is not only a hero, but also a new life form comparable to an entire society.

After all, perhaps Marvel’s most advanced AI position will belong to Ultron because of its ability to continuously evolve.

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