Who brought SofM’s name to the LPL?

In fact, as we all know, Snake Esports Not the first foreign team to target SofM. yoe Flash Wolves (later Flash Wolves) – The No. 1 team of the LMS region, was the first to send a letter to recruit the Vietnamese jungle god in mid-2015.

But in the end, this deal was not successful because of the issue of VISA. The procedure for issuing VISA for SofM to compete in Taipei China encountered obstacles because at that time, he was not yet 17 years old. SofM continued to stay at Gigabyte Full Louis for another year before a new opportunity opened up.

In the early summer of 2016, Snake Esports sent to recruit SofM, the rest has become history, after more than 4 years in the LPL, SofM has for the first time to attend the World Finals tournament, and is claim to be one of the best Junglers in tournament history.

So have you ever wondered why, Snake Esports know SofM? In fact, if yoe Flash Wolves can detect SofM easily, since LMS used to be “under the same roof” with GPL regions, then in China, the scouting for talent outside the region The LCK and LPL sectors have never been their orientation.

So the fact that a player from Vietnam suddenly becomes a transfer target for Snake has a certain reason. And recently, Zzr – SofM’s “predecessor” and former SS Jungle player before Duy Cau Giay joined, revealed the truth about this transfer story.

Who brought SofM s name to the LPL | Esports

Zzr – SofM’s “predecessor” at Snake Esports

Specifically, he said, the person who recommended SofM with Snake Esports was … Clearlove, then EDward Gaming Jungler, and currently the team head coach. Zzr shared that at that time, SS was trying to find a new Jungler to replace him (Zzr himself was planning to pursue a streaming career, but he still signed a reserve contract for SofM until 2018. retire).

At that time, Clearlove contacted Snake’s scouting team and said: “Let’s hire this guy (SofM), he’s a pretty popular name in Korean rank.”

Who brought SofM s name to the LPL | Esports

Zzr re-shared the story “How did SS find SofM?”

After researching some more highlights of SofM in Korean rank, Snake Esports immediately contacted Full Louis as well as SofM personally, the deal was quickly completed and no longer any obstacles, SofM Having completed the first step in the journey of conquering my dream, it is to go abroad to play.

Who brought SofM s name to the LPL | Esports

It turns out that “Teacher” Clearlove was one of the first people at LPL to see SofM’s talent

As for the reason why Snake recommended for Snake was Clearlove, it was because the President of EDG and the Chairman of SS had a very close relationship with each other. The players of the two teams are also considered to be family members (for example, EDG’s Scout has been with SofM since he moved to China).

And as mentioned above, it is understandable that SS scouts ignore SofM, because the Chinese teams’ orientation is always towards the domestic or Korean human resources market. But to the other players, SofM was really a remarkable name at the time, because the way he showed his individual skills at the Korean rank seemed to have something very “fatherly”, and if not. Finding out, no one thinks that SofM is just a young talent from a small area like VCS.

Perhaps the story of “love” of SofM and Snake Esports will bring us a lot of contemplation about the definition of “predestined”. Clearlove – One of the most annoying opponents, making SofM the most miserable, is the one who has contributed to bringing him to the glory of the present.

Who brought SofM s name to the LPL | Esports

Of course, Snake recruited SofM because of his true talent, but if it weren’t for Clearlove’s recommendation, maybe SofM’s journey to LPL wouldn’t have been that smooth.

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