While the world is afraid of Wuhan pneumonia, once a doctor sacrificed himself to save humanity from the SARS pandemic.

According to the latest information, Wuhan pneumonia has now killed 80 people and infected more than 2,500 people worldwide. The outbreak made many people scared and worried when going out, especially during the Tet holidays.

According to doctors, Wuhan pneumonia is caused by the corona virus, a new strain of the virus. The virus and pandemic are making many people think of SARS 17 years ago. SARS is a severe acute respiratory distress syndrome known scientifically as Severe acute respiratory syndrome.

During the SARS pandemic of 2002-2003, more than 5,300 people were infected and 349 people on the mainland died. In Hong Kong, 1,750 people were sick and 299 patients could not survive. According to the World Health Organization, the virus that causes SARS is thought to be an animal-derived virus, possibly a bat, then spread to other animals and spread through humans. The first case of the disease came from Guangzhou, China in late 2002.

This epidemic has been reported in 32 countries and territories around the world, causing severe damage to the economy, tourism, politics and society of countries.

SARS – disease spread worldwide

In February 2003, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced a mysterious outbreak of a new pneumonia in Guangdong Province, China. News of this mysterious disease quickly spread everywhere.

A Chinese doctor treating patients in Guangdong is said to have brought the pneumonia disease to Hong Kong in February. There, the doctor developed flu symptoms and was transferred to an illness. hospital for treatment. He died a few days later and infected at least 10 others at the hotel where he stayed.

While the world is afraid of Wuhan pneumonia once a doctor sacrificed himself to save humanity from the SARS pandemic | Live

Eight of these infected people have flown to Canada, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam, making the disease a pandemic spreading for more than 100 days.

At the time when the disease was booming, there was a doctor who was willing to sacrifice himself to save all humanity. He is Carlo Urbani, an Italian doctor who has devoted his mind and mind to bring humanity out of the global epidemic.

Carlo Urbani: Brave, professional and heroic

Urbani, an expert in parasite infection, worked at the WHO office in Hanoi at the time of the SARS outbreak. This is a highly contagious and fatal disease. In early 2003, while working as an infectious disease specialist, he agreed with the Viet Phap Hospital in Hanoi to assist in investigating a case of flu.

After examination, Dr. Urbani diagnosed this was an abnormal case of an infectious disease of unknown origin. He immediately alerted the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

While the world is afraid of Wuhan pneumonia once a doctor sacrificed himself to save humanity from the SARS pandemic | Live

His timely action helped prevent the disease by triggering a global public health response campaign that eventually saved countless lives.

Meanwhile, Dr. Urbani is also warned of the dangers and is completely entitled to return home. But for the sake of public health and safety, he spent many days in the hospital coordinating the management of infectious diseases, intervening in quarantine and boosting morale of hospital staff.

When the disease spread and caused panic around the globe, Dr. Urbani’s wife begged him not to go to the hospital. However, he told his wife: “If I don’t go there, what are we doing here? Could we just reply to the mail and go to the party? I’m a doctor and I’m supposed to help people.”

Time makes heroes

On March 11, 2003, during a flight to Bangkok to attend a conference, Dr. Urbani showed symptoms of SARS. As a direct researcher of the disease, Dr. Urbani understands what is coming to him. When people were about to run to help, he pushed away and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Urbani was immediately taken to the isolation room. He was not allowed to interact with his family but to look at them through the glass window and talk by radio. On March 29, 2003, Dr. Urbani died of complications.

While the world is afraid of Wuhan pneumonia once a doctor sacrificed himself to save humanity from the SARS pandemic | Live

In a moment of alertness, Dr. Urbani asked a colleague to cut one of his lungs for the study. Two weeks after his death, a strain of corona virus, the strain causing SARS, was identified and the disease was immediately contained.

It is known that, before closing his eyes, Dr. Urbani was very satisfied. He said: “This is a work that involves me, though dangerous but still comfortable, I now have it all.”

On April 7, 2003, Dr. Carlo Urbani was awarded the Order of Merit for Public Health in Gold Series by decision of the Minister of Italian social affairs.

Thanks to the sacrifice of Dr. Carlo Urbani along with 6 domestic and foreign medical doctors, Vietnam became the first country to claim to control SARS.

On May 9, 2003, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam presented the Friendship Medal and the Medal for People’s Health.

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