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While the United States was reeling from Covid-19, how was Bill Gates a day?

At the time of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, billionaire Bill Gates said he did not go out much. Instead, he spends most of his time in his home near Seattle with his wife Melinda and his three children Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe.

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His family does not organize dinner parties or crowded events to reduce the risk of disease spread. He told Business Insider: “I’ve only met a small group of relatives since the outbreak. Sometimes I go out for walks, play tennis and play bridge online with Warren Buffett.”

The second richest billionaire in the world said his home was not visited because everyone was “isolated” during a pandemic. Many people stayed at home for up to 4 months, however, Gates said he kept a safe distance. According to him, people can participate in outdoor activities or talk with a small group but must maintain a distance.

Members of the Gates family differ slightly in their readiness to go out during a pandemic. “For our most outward-facing child, this is a difficult time because she thinks that video calling is not the same as going out. And we have to be very strict about this,” he said.

While at home due to the disease, Gates started playing his favorite sport, tennis. He said: “I hope playing tennis is okay because there is no risk of infection because we do not stand close to each other when playing this sport.”

According to infectious experts, playing tennis is an activity with low to moderate risk of infection, as long as the player keeps the distance.

While the United States was reeling from Covid 19 how was Bill Gates a day | Technology iced tea

Bill Gates used to play tennis with the world’s top tennis player Roger Federer.

When walking in the area where he lives, Gates always wears a mask. “I don’t want people around me to feel like I’m putting them at risk,” he said. “Where I live, almost everyone who goes out wears a mask.”

In addition, he had a corona virus test because several months ago, when his charity office was still active and people were meeting face-to-face, he was worried that he might have been infected. But it turned out he had seasonal flu despite being vaccinated. “I attended some meetings and coughed a bit,” Gates said. “I’m glad the test result was negative.” After that, because no more symptoms appeared, the billionaire did not go for further tests.

Since the outbreak, Gates has only cut his hair once. He waited until the barbershop to implement preventive measures like wearing a mask before deciding to get a haircut. The billionaire doesn’t encourage people to go to barbershops that don’t follow preventive measures. According to him, many people still look fine with long hair.

In addition to his daily personal activities, Gates took the time to urge US lawmakers to inject more money into the Senate’s Covid-19 vaccine promotion and treatment bill. “Our organization is looking to ensure that not only rich people in the United States or only rich countries have access to Covid-19 vaccines and medicines,” he said.

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