While Netflix took months to create the wig for The Witcher, Henry Cavill wanted to raise it long and then dye it silver.

Can speak, The Witcher An impressive global audience debut was due in large part to Henry Cavill, who has excelled in the role of Geralt of Rivia. Being extremely fond of this cult series, Henry has invested a lot of time and enthusiasm for the role of the Butcher from Blaviken, from appearance, voice to charisma and even skilled swords. All are carefully studied by the actor to be able to play the best role.

However, to create a Geralt like stepping out of a novel, Henry alone is not enough. The costume design and make-up team also had to work hard for this role. Only the wig Henry wore on the film had to undergo a lot of testing, adjustment, and it took months to choose the final product like the best.

Only the wig for Henry made the design team for months to create the perfect final product.

Recently, at sub-reddit r / wiedzmin, producer Lauren Hissrich had a fan answering fan questions about The Witcher season 1. In it, many people have expressed the impression of Henry Cavill’s hair in the film, both bearing the bold, wild style of a monster hunter, but not too messy, unattractive. America. Silvery white is also used very cleverly according to the original, not too sore eyes when broadcast.

Sharing about the process of designing this hair, Lauren said: “We had to test a lot of different options before shooting. There are wigs that are so white that they glow brightly on small screens. Some of them reflect light and create strange blue instead of silver. They look really funny, very annoying at the same time”.

After that, the costume design team had to draw more textures, dirt on the wig to both increase the authenticity, while limiting the level of excessive light reflection. This is their stage-consuming process, because creating textures has never been easier. Even the most professional painters have to spend a lot of time dedicating themselves to describing the material of their products.

While Netflix took months to create the wig for The Witcher Henry Cavill wanted to raise it long and then dye it silver | Live

The design team is working hard for the wig, Henry wants to raise long hair and then dye it silver.

As an extremely fond of Geralt, Henry Cavill naturally wants to be perfect when transformed into the White Wolf. Besides performing all the action scenes himself, the actor even wants to raise a long hair and then dye silver to film it. Producer Lauren had to convince him not to, and pledged the wig to please him.

Earlier, Netflix also considered the possibility of using the CGI technology for the beards and hair of a number of characters in the movie, including Geralt. However, this was partly because of the limited budget (they had to prioritize CGI for monsters and magic shots), partly because Henry didn’t want to use this technology (even his amber eyes). He was also due to wearing a lens, not through any special techniques), so Netflix was forced to use wigs.

After all, the wig is really suitable for Henry, creating an extremely original Geralt and is well received by global fans. This is also the reason why this witcher is nicknamed the White Wolf. For those who have never read the novel The Witcher by writer Andrzej Sapkowski, this nickname will be explained more clearly in later seasons. Lauren said: “We will meet many other witchers, none of whom possess white hair like Geralt. This proves that this is the natural hair of this character, not a side effect of the Trial of Grasses (mutation to create witcher).”.

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