Which heroes in the original comic book Thanos snapped away?

It can be said that the 1991 The Infinity Gauntlet event of Marvel is one of the most influential storylines in cinema, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) culminating in the movie Endgame. Although the direction is the same as the story, one of the most difference is that those who are “ash” in Thanos’ holy snap.

In the comics, a mad Thanos with Death looks for the stones with an infinity glove to wipe out half the living things in the universe. The hero who stood up to Thanos was primarily Adam Warlock, combining Earth’s heroes against Thanos (and later with Thanos against Nebula) before he could become the glove holder. formally revive the life of half the universe.

Which heroes in the original comic book Thanos snapped away | Explore

The timeline in the comics does not last as long as five years in the film, and it is not clear whether the people are alive or dead. While there is no definite list, thanks to certain storylines, the identities of some ill-fated heroes can be identified. In the comics, Hawkeye was “flicked” instead of his family, while Gamora was “turned to ash” instead of being sacrificed for the Soul Stone. Quicksilver is the only character in the MCU universe to die before Thanos executes but dies by his own hands in the storyboards.

Which heroes in the original comic book Thanos snapped away | Explore

Adam Warlock is the person who holds the last glove in the story.

Both movies and stories have similar victims such as Wong, Black Panther, and The Wasp. Of course, there are many other characters who have not appeared in the MCU such as Sersi, Rick Jones, Mentor, Black Cat, Firestar, Guardian, Hercules, Makkari, Marvel Boy, Night Thrasher and USAgent all disappear in the blink of an eye.

A few names have not been on the silver screen but have also appeared in the Marvel movie universe such as Dagger, Daredevil, Luke Cage have also been destroyed. This also poses a difficult question for integrating the heroes of the small screen onto a bigger scene – like the stories about them in the events of the two films Infinity War and Endgame.

Nor did the MCU mention what happened to squads like X-Men and Fantastic Four. Strangely, only two X-Men in this series were Wolverine and Cyclops, with the remaining members “missing”. Similarly for Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight are also considered “missing”, so their fate is no different from the MCU.

Which heroes in the original comic book Thanos snapped away | Explore

The heroes are said to be missing before everything returns to normal.

Of course there are people who have even more ambiguous states such as the Excalibur and Great Britain, the other X-Men members like Colossus and Psylocke, Punisher also seems to have appeared on the list of lost heroes. product. These heroes currently do not have a schedule to appear in the Marvel movie universe due to copyright issues, so it is not possible to analyze clearly what happened to them.

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