Which DC villain deserves to be a formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe?

Speaking of villains, DC Comics also brings together many formidable assassins and mercenaries, but cannot compare with the popularity of the fierce bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. Giants like Boba Fett and Beilert Valance appear in many of the most dramatic Star Wars stories, bringing cold hearts throughout the galaxy rife with the danger of death. Who in the DC universe will be able to match with these names?

1. Lobo

Putting DC’s Lobo on this list makes a lot of sense. Anyway, he was an intergalactic bounty hunter in the DC Universe. Lobo is a vivid cartoon of the early 90s, the embodiment of the cruelty that both Marvel and DC Comics focused on exploiting at that time. Over time, the dark part of him decreased. He was less harsh, but much more careless. Except for being violent and nagging, he looks like the amusing version of his fellow characters.

Lobo very successful in the role “hiring and killing”. He travels easily through the stars on his Space Hog, even being hired to defeat Santa Claus. This shows that Lobo can adapt easily to extremely irregular terrain. Lobo uses a variety of weapons, but his hobby is still using explosives, chains and a large hook to bring down the target in a brutal fashion. Self-healing is what makes Lobo fit for this list.

The only problem was that Lobo had a tendency to underestimate every power he faced, meaning he could oppose the Empire or even the Jedi Order, depending on the era in which he appeared.

2. Jonah Hex

Which DC villain deserves to be a formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe | Living

Jonah Hex is a bounty hunter in the Wild West, living in the early years after Civil War. With one side of the face deformed, where to go, Hex makes people scared to meet. Hex’s principles are that even mistakes caused by law-abiding or inadvertent failures deserve protection, and he always tries his best not to violate them. When he was a marksman in DC Comics, he encountered many obstacles, frequently encountering “obstacles” in his action, such as the Court of Owls or the immortal Vandal Savage.

Compared to the bounty hunters of the Star Wars galaxy, Hex resembles Din Djarin the most. In the same way the Mando traveled through the Outer Rim disorganized worlds on his Razor Crest, Jonah Hex rode on horseback from place to place in no-government lands.

In his youth, Hex was sold to an Apache tribe, and eventually accepted to become a true member of that clan – like Djarin was brought in by the Mandalorian Death Watch. However, given that he’s just a shooter from the Wild West, it looks like Hex will struggle to get used to a few of the technologies he needs in order to be truly a worthy contender. The bounty hunter in Star Wars.

3. Deadshot

Which DC villain deserves to be a formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe | Living

As a longtime member of the Suicide Squad squad, Floyd Lawton (Deadshot) is the most marksman in the DC Universe. Very rarely did he miss. The ability to aim seemingly impossible targets is a superpower. That is why he is one of the most successful agents in Amanda Waller’s Task Force X.

Gifted as a battlefield commander, Deadshot will be a fairly valuable asset in the Guild. Not only is he capable of leading the Suicide Squad to great success in campaigns, but he can also do the same with the Guild crew.

However, Lawton is increasingly reluctant to play the marksman marksman. Instead, he wished to one day quit his job and be with his daughter. This stable mentality could lead him to pursue a real bounty hunter career in the long run.

4. Lady Shiva

Which DC villain deserves to be a formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe | Living

In DC Comics, Lady Shiva is so good that she has the right to choose clients. She always had a good deal, but only the highly-paid and the most suitable deals were accepted by her. With her bare hands still excelling at destroying her target, whoever hired her could rest assured that their enemy would vanish after paying Shiva’s remuneration in full. Leopard’s Blow – killing with one attack, is her signature move.

Batman once claimed Shiva could be the greatest warrior alive. That belief can make Shiva arrogant, easy to fight hand-to-hand even if it’s just light attacks – like the fight between Shiva and the Red Hood that she eventually lost. . However, no hunter is perfect.

What really makes Shiva a good candidate is his resolute attitude to just using his bare hands. This attack is almost always effective in the DC Universe. But in the galaxy of Star Wars, energy weapons like blaster guns, shotguns, advanced technologies and even lightsaber swords – if luck doesn’t come, will prevail. Without expertise in these weapons, compared to the DC Universe, Shiva will likely have a much harder time becoming a member of the Guild. Even so, she is still more likely to succeed with her new role.

5. Deathstroke

Which DC villain deserves to be a formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe | Living

More than all of the characters listed above, Slade Wilson is the most suitable character for the bounty hunter position in Star Wars. The reason is simple: He looks like Boba Fett – the legendary bounty hunter across the galaxy. Wilson Deathstroke is a cruel assassin and mercenary, skilled in many forms of combat and proficient use of a variety of weapons. He is extremely focused, constantly chasing his goal. Like Fett, in the DC Comics world, Wilson is named the best assassin.

Furthermore, like Fett, Wilson also values ​​fame and honor in every hunt. In order to capture or kill his targets, there are no boundaries that he cannot cross. He is ready to do whatever is necessary to complete the contract received.

It is true that Slade has taken the business name to do many contemptuous things, but he is still willing to stand side by side with superheroes for better things. Likewise, Boba Fett always respects the deals he receives, no matter what.

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