When turned into a ‘evil role’, how terrible will the Justice League be?

In the DC universe’s primary dimension, the Justice Alliance – which includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman – wearing the forged armor made from Element X – has solved the events related to Dark Nights: Metal. They defeat the Dark Nights and save the world from Barbatos’ domination, forcing him to return to the Dark Multiverse.

However, in that vast dark realm exists a world, where Element X armor is corrupted, becoming the last trap for Batman and his comrades. The Alliance of Justice was quickly destroyed by the fire dragon, and Batman actually became the sole host for Barbatos. Immediately after appearing in this world, the darkness instantly transformed into a new form, creating a new dragon with a massive body.

Dragon of the End, or Barbatos, is so flattering that all the rest of the Justice League members become their army. Their true souls are trapped in a new, very monstrous form, meanwhile, the action is dominated by the madness and bloodthirsty darkness raised by Barbatos.

Wonder Woman becomes Hydra Diana, Queen of Snakes and Stone – the Gorgon monster. Superman transforms into a ferocious Kryptothrax – Dangerous Doomsday, with a second set of terrifying jaws in his stomach. Death Construct is a version after the “transformation” of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), a massive “machine” bearing the appearance of a fighter plane. Aquaman is transformed into a giant turning snake with orange scales and a golden beard. This new form of Aquaman is the Tyrant Wyrm – from the very first appearance, this monster has been able to swallow the entire island of Atlantis.

All of the monsters in the dark army most obey Barbatos’ orders – there, the Kryptothrax Clark version seems to be the first, most useful line of defense to him. Possessing flexibility in movement and the ability to release heat beams from the eye, Kryptothrax was almost able to kill Signal (Duke Thomas), one of the unrecognized superheroes in this world.

Anyone who wants to defeat Barbatos must first defeat all of these dark monsters – a quest that pays a hefty price tag.

Thanks to the weapons, information, and equipment left over in the Justice League’s Watchtower collapsed, the surviving superheroes managed to defeat each monster: unleashing the Joker Dragon, paving the way for access to Barbatos and his armies before they themselves are hunted down and become the first to be wiped out.

Flash sees Hal Jordan’s soul inside the Death Construct, so he can reach in and pull the Green Lantern out of the machine and destroy it. Red Tornado and Detective Chimp use the Lasso of Truth rope to wrap the Hydra Diana. As soon as they were forced back to tighten, Red Tornado immediately activated his self-destruct ability, causing all three to die in the blast.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl attacked Tyrant Wyrm directly, meanwhile, Kendra aimed its head straight and charged, causing it to explode from the inside and burst into flames. To destroy Tyrant Wyrm, all 3 superheroes accept to sacrifice their lives.

Dick Grayson sacrifices himself to “play big” with Kryptothrax and defeat this ferocious monster with the help of the guitar Parall-Ax. Before that, it was Dick who saved the risk of Duke Thomas before the onslaught of the Judicial Alliance squadron.

When turned into a evil role how terrible will the Justice League be | GameK

Only Barbatos was still in combat. It didn’t take him long to kill the Joker Dragon in the first place. For his part, Duke Thomas uses the stolen Monitor technology to move continuously in different worlds of the multiverse until the enemy’s loophole is discovered.

Infiltrating inside Barbatos, Duke finds the dark side of Bruce Wayne and uses the fang obtained from the “monster” Superman to destroy it, severing Barbatos’s connection to reality and taking advantage of the opportunity to kill. die as soon as Death Wave comes in, conspiracy to wipe out what remains of this dark world.

This middle war proves that, although there are only a few people, the superhero army is still capable of defeating dragons with tremendous power. Duke even used the Parall-Ax to skin Barbatos and turn it into his new dragon armor, then Duke even escaped from that world and became the Final Knight of the Dark Multiverse. With what he has, it is likely that Duke will become the most powerful superhero of the “good side” in the Dark Multiverse.

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