When the mafia plays big: Build a metro worth $ 1.5 million to trade drugs

Electric devices are not just the targets of technology leaders. They are also being used by drug dealers in Colombia, to sneak goods across borders.

According to the USNI maritime news site, a rare electrode submarine was recently discovered and captured in Colombia, during a raid action by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Colombian Navy and other local law enforcement agency.

When the mafia plays big Build a metro worth 1 5 million to trade drugs | Internet

Colombian drug dealers’ submarines are quite large in size.

The arrest, which took place on November 5, also resulted in the arrest of 11 individuals – including the ship’s designer and engineer. They all involve a large drug trafficking organization.

Authorities said the submarine when running at full capacity can carry up to 6 tons of drugs, equivalent to 120 million USD. It is estimated to have a construction cost of about $ 1.5 million. According to calculations, only one successful delivery, the interest is also 10 times the cost. Hence, this doesn’t seem like a huge investment.

According to the detailed report, the ship uses two electric motors and a battery with a weight of about 10 tons, to ensure a travel speed of up to 60 km / h. It may not sound like much, but that is probably enough for the ship to complete almost the entire journey.

There is also a towing ring in front of the bow, suggesting that it will be towed during the last leg of its entry into the port, ensuring travel as secretly as possible. After the cargo was unloaded, it is most likely to be intentionally sunk and left on the sea floor with many other drugs. Drug dealers tend not to care too much about recycling and reusing this submarine. While that’s certainly not good for the environment, at least it doesn’t have to use a nuclear core like most large submarines.

The drug trade by exotic means is nothing new, but what makes this submarine special is its size. Normally, drug smuggling vessels are equipped to carry about 1.6 tons of cocaine, or about $ 30 million. This ship is many times larger in size.

Not to mention, it actually looks like a submarine. And basically, they are submarines in the sense that they can travel just below the surface of water, but cannot dive into the depths of military submarines. Of course, its diving time is also much shorter, but enough to bypass the eyes of the coast guard or the investigative police.

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