When BLV was Boy One Champ Nocturne – ‘Don’t blame the champion, stoned the player’

The fact that a gamer constantly uses a champion to climb rank and play League of Legends is not too strange anymore. From famous generals that fly butterflies like Yasuo, Irelia, Riven, Lee Sin to extremely boring playing characters such as Garen, Heimerdinger … there are also favorite gamers. The common point is that they all love their champions and can play year after year without getting bored.

Someone reached 10 million proficient with Heimerdinger

However the case of BLV Vedius at the LEC, a “boy one champ” Nocturne authentic is more special. He not only played but also instructed people to use this ghost in the middle, right on the stage of the LEC tournament. It is true that the current single lane Nocturne is a viable option in the solo queue, even though it has existed in the Korean rank since preseason. But going to the professional tournament is a completely different story

When BLV was Boy One Champ Nocturne Don t blame the champion stoned the player | Esports

Last weekend in the framework of LEC Spring 2020, Misfist bravely took this card to fight Fnatic and of course lost. However, Riot’s BLV Vedius still defends the champion and this pick, he even thinks that you should blame the player for using Nocturne badly.

Misfist’s Nocturne in this match can’t even make any big deal when being crushed on the road without raising his head.

Riot Vedius: “Alright, this is not a favorable situation for Misfist’s top lane Nocturne. I understand that Nocturne is having a hard time but you should understand that this is not the fault of this champion, it is not taken care of by the forest. So Nocturne is still extremely suitable for this team and this match, the problem is that just ganking him a few kills is fine. ”

Another BLV interrupted: “But the Ender analyst just said that the forest was nerfed so badly, there is nothing we can do about this Nocturne.

Riot Vedius: “Hey hey, don’t blame the general, blame the player”.

When BLV was Boy One Champ Nocturne Don t blame the champion stoned the player | Esports

Vedius also put his face into Nocturne to make a “lesson plan” for this general in the mid lane

One of the unwritten principles of the BLV profession is that the words they say in the match must always be in an objective perspective, not for this and that reason to protect a team or a general. Vedius, however, defended Nocturne in such a way that he was losing too much to Aatrox on the opposite side.

When BLV was Boy One Champ Nocturne Don t blame the champion stoned the player | Esports

Not just in esports or League of Legends, even traditional sports, righteousness is the top priority when making commentators

I know that the LEC is organized with a happy atmosphere for the players and the BTC, but the lack of fairness as Vedius said is difficult to accept. Fortunately, this guy is “boy one champ” Nocturne, a champion that is rarely brought out, if he is a hotpick champion like Aatrox, Aphelios, Lee Sin, Senna … then Vedius’s attack power will be lower at any rate.

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