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What’s hot about iPhone 13 series?

Yes, at 0:00 on September 14, Vietnam time, Apple Livestreamed their event on Youtube platform, to introduce their new product.

And just like every year, the thing we look forward to the most is definitely the new iPhone, right So this article I will only mention the iPhone 13 first, and the overall Event, I will share the details. More details in the next post.

#first. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini

Thus, this year the iPhone Mini line (iPhone 13 Mini) still appears, to block the price below, of course.

Read this article to understand what I’m saying: Looking back at the iPhone 12 Mini: A calculated mistake by APPLE

The device has the same design, still similar to the iPhone 12 series, with a square metal frame, 2 glass sides, a notch screen.

This year, the notch is slightly smaller, and the rear camera cluster has 2 lenses designed symmetrically through the center of the module cluster, see the picture below for easier visualization:

OIS anti-shake technology on genuine iPhones has been brought down to this line, along with new camera features, iPhone 13 focuses heavily on the ability to shoot professional movies.

The notch has been designed to be 20% smaller, the screen 28% brighter, and perform other optimizations. Screen size is 5.4 inches for iPhone Mini and 6.1 inches for iPhone 13.

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

Manufacturing materials and internal machine changes, the purpose is to optimize battery capacity and protect the environment, according to Apple.

Apple has added Cinematic Mode to improve night photography, 4K 60fps video recording in Dolby Vision mode, and more. The machine has 5 colors as below:

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

The 64GB Rom version (internal memory) has been removed, instead, you will have 2 ROM options of 128 and 256GB for these two machines.

The price is the same as before: $700 and $800 are the lowest options for the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13.

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

#. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Of course, these are still two of Apple’s best devices this year.

The design is the same as the iPhone 12 Series, the camera cluster is the same, except for the rabbit ears that continue to be 20% smaller.

The OLED screen is refined by APPLE and named Super Retina XDR. The ProMotion mechanism makes the screen capable of operating at a refresh rate of 120Hz, and returning to 10Hz when the movements on the screen are completed. When playing games, the screen will always be at 120Hz, very smooth!

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

The machine is capable of better dark photography, Macro photography by taking advantage of the ultra-wide lens, Cinematic Mode, taking advantage of AI to take photos, and separating subjects in photos to optimize editing modes.

The ability to record movies with custom Auto Focus during recording, smart focus change, etc.

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

Launched APPLE A15 Bionic chip: Using 5nm process, CPU with 2 big cores and 4 small cores, GPU with 5 cores, delivering outstanding performance but still saving power. A really powerful chip!

This chip also promises to bring breakthroughs in AI technology, new functions to help quickly and accurately identify objects, plants, animals ..

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

The batteries of all four devices promise to last from 1 to 2.5 hours longer than their predecessors. If it is as announced by APPLE, it is really great, because the iPhone battery has long been underappreciated.

The device is available in the following colors:

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

So the Pacific Blue color of the previous year has been dropped and replaced by another blue color. Continuing with the message of environmental protection, you will lose the charger in the box

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, APPLE has removed the 128GB ROM version (internal storage memory) and replaced it with a 1TB Rom (1000GB) version. Too terrible

The price of 2 machines remains at $ 1000 and $ 1100

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

Besides, these are the prices of this year’s models.

What s hot about iPhone 13 series | Evaluate

It also means that iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been killed.

Yes, the above is the information that Apple announced in the livestream that I can see, there are no specific parameters about the configuration.

About each of you and personal evaluation, I will have in the following articles. This article is mainly to inform you of what I have seen in the livestream.

The information is translated from English by me, so there may be errors, so please forgive me. What do you think of this new iPhone 13 series? Leave your comments below in the comment section!

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