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What would the Earth be like if all oceans were suddenly drained of seawater in just 1 minute?

Compared with rocky planets in the solar system such as Mars and Venus, water is Earth’s biggest difference. About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, while the other 30% are continents and islands.

Of which, 97% of the water on the planet belongs to the ocean and only about 3% exists in other forms such as glaciers, ice caps, water from rivers and lakes … It is estimated that the oceans contain more than one billion cubic kilometers of water. The amount of water is so great that, if we pour all of the water into an Olympic swimming pool, we would need more than 500 trillion swimming pools to hold it.

Around the Earth if sea level drops 6480m

Sea and ocean are recognized by scientists as the source of life on Earth. Without the ocean and the ocean, life as is known today might not exist. Because sea and oceans have many important functions related to the life of the Earth. It functions as a “air-conditioning machine”, keeping the Earth nowhere too hot or too cold, and at the same time mitigating severe weather effects such as storms, floods, drought.

Without seas and oceans, the continents will become arid deserts, and human habitats on Earth will be harsher.

However, have you ever wondered: If one day the ocean was dry, what would the Earth look like? More specifically, let’s pose a fantasy: When we use a super powerful pump, enough to drain all the oceans in 1 minute, what happens?

This is the script given by the famous scientific Youtube channel What IF, to explain the tremendous impact of the Earth’s oceans disappear.

Please watch the Vietnameseization video: What will the Earth look like if the oceans are drained of seawater?

What would the Earth look like if the oceans were drained of seawater?

Refer to WHAT IF

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