What would happen if we dumped all garbage into the crater as hot as 1200 degrees Celsius?

Lava is molten rock erupting from volcanoes during eruptions. With a temperature of 700 – 1,200 degrees, the power of the lava is extremely terrible. On its way, lava destroys nearly every life, melting almost anything that stands in their way.

If you accidentally fall into a crater, just seconds after falling, you quickly turn into a free-flowing living torch. This is because radiant heat heats the air around the crater, causing temperatures so high that human flesh immediately burns. will instantly burn to ash within seconds when touching the lava.

Witnessing lava can easily make everything quickly evaporate in just a few seconds, many people immediately came up with a very … good idea: Why don’t we take advantage of volcanoes to destroy waste?

In fact, to treat waste, countries around the world often build incinerators. If volcanoes can burn everything away, isn’t that a natural incinerator? What will happen if we dump garbage inside the crater? To answer this question, the famous YouTube channel What If made a video explaining what happens when we use volcanoes as incinerators.

What will happen if we dump garbage into the active crater? (Source What IF / Việt Sub: Anh Việt)

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