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What will you do with old but still usable computer parts?

Technology is constantly making progress. Computer parts that were very new will always quickly become obsolete and be replaced by newer ones. A high-end CPU, GPU after only a few years, it is only as powerful as the new mid-range release. If you don’t upgrade continuously, your PC system will quickly become obsolete. It is not necessary to be damaged or replaced, to be outdated.

And each time you upgrade like that, you will be left with old parts. They will get more and more over time and the way you play. So what will you do with them?

Will you resell to save money?

I think that always reselling old parts is the smartest and most practical way to play. It will save you a lot of money in the process of playing PC. For example you buy a movement with the latest components. When the new generation of components is released, when reselling, you can easily deal nearly half the price when buying a new one, but if the new component is not out yet, you can completely push the price higher. again. After that, with the money earned from selling old components, you just need to make up for it to live.

Especially, I know that some of our brothers buy second-hand stuff all the time. After that, when they use it, they sell it to anyone who needs it. So the level of loss of money when upgrading these saints will be even lower. For example, if a brother buys a new apparatus, it costs 20 million dong, sells it 10 million dong, and the loss is 10 million dong. These guys bought a powerful apparatus like that but it was second hand and only cost about 15 million. After that, they sold back 10 million and only lost 5 million. However, because this way of playing requires a seasoned experience of buying second hand, not everyone wants to play.

If you can’t love it anymore, why not let someone else do it?

There is a different solution from the one above. That’s when you don’t use old parts anymore, give it back to whoever really needs it. For example, the neighbor girl does not have a card to play the game, the critical friend has a main fire and cannot replace it, like the neighbor’s sister is short of RAM to work … Maybe this job does not help you to make up for losses When buying a new device, it will bring you human values, emotions and relationships.

If there is no one close enough for you to bring to them instead of selling old parts for money without regrets, do not hesitate to do so. Furniture is yours and you have the right to show people you like. In fact, no ordinary PC player can handle all their old stuff this way. Because not always around us there are people who need computer components. The rest of you must also solve it in one way or another such as storing it in storage, selling second hand. But for each gift you give, you will receive a portion of the recipient’s love.

Do you keep all old parts?

There is a type of person who doesn’t know whether to call it greed or heavy love. They don’t sell second hand, they don’t sell cicadas, they keep all their old parts regardless of whether it is usable or not. For them, each part contains beautiful memories, marking their maturity on their endless technological path.

I have an uncle who is willing to play. He always uses extremely high-end PCs and always keeps all his old components in a warehouse, even legendary ones like Pentium III, Pentium IV or ATI cards he still has, even equipment. Peripheral he also threw it all into that warehouse, not thrown away. It only takes a while for this person to give a few treats. This way of playing technology toys of my uncle is definitely the most expensive way but at the same time it is also the best way to cherish the memories they bring.

Personally, I’m quite similar to my uncle. From the moment I started buying computers myself without my parents’ money, I have always kept all the parts that I don’t use anymore. If we can use it, we will leave it to my brother to attach it to the device, and if it is completely damaged, we will put it in the glass case for display. I don’t want to lose any of the parts that I’ve used before, because when I look at them, I will see myself in the old days. That is my way to deal with old components, and I also hope to hear about your solutions.

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