What will the Viking era in Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok be like? (P2)

What will the Viking era in Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok be like? (P1)

Myths should (or shouldn’t) be in the game

Today, word of mouth treats the Vikings as a dumb, uncivilized man and that’s not true. Certainly, England saw them as uncivilized, but that was mainly because the Vikings were not Catholic. Many of the negative stereotypes about the Vikings that exist today are the result of Christian propaganda – which began to circulate after the Vikings attacked their facilities; To stir up hatred for the Vikings, the church sought to dehumanize them. However, Assassin’s’s Creed Ragnarok There will be another opinion soon.

In fact, Vikings are very good compared to the rest of the world and even better than “civilized” people in Europe. Archaeologists who study them often find a variety of grooming tools showing that the Vikings are very committed to their personal hygiene. So no, Assassin’s’s Creed Ragnarok will not take the filthy, uncivilized barbarians as the game’s protagonists – or at least it should not be as long as Ubisoft adheres to the sheer accuracy of history as they usually do (of course, except for fictional parts such as Assassin, Templar and Pieces of Eden).

To be more specific, there’s a stereotype about Viking warriors that is actually not exactly right: the horned helmet. The Vikings really didn’t equip those things; more commonly, Vikings would wear simple or completely bare leather and metal protective hats. The whole horned helmet was an invention of the latter, becoming popular during a Victorian Viking renaissance. Horned helmets may still appear in the game, as Assassin’s Creed’s armor always comes with a helmet, but who knows? There are certainly many other options to consider.

Elements will (or shouldn’t) be in the game

Now, let’s talk about things that absolutely should be included Assassin’s’s Creed Ragnarok after what we discovered about Viking culture above, starting from their ships. Assassin’s’s Creed: Odyssey has put some emphasis on exploration and naval combat, the previous Black Flag is more than that. Maybe AC ​​Ragnarok will follow the Black Flag to pay respect to it, as well as see the Black Flag’s ships very well with Viking culture; the fact that the protagonist of Ragnarok will have their own ship seems more likely than impossible.

Given that the Vikings were also merchants and adventurers in addition to being warriors, it is likely that it will also be built into the game; The protagonist may be more suited to becoming a diplomat than an aggressor, depending on the region in which he lands his boat. And, although it seems likely that AC Ragnarok will still be within the limits of Northern Europe, it is not necessarily so. The vast expansion of Viking discoveries in the real world has left a lot of interesting possibilities for the world map of Ragnarok.

What will the Viking era in Assassin s Creed Ragnarok be like P2 | PC/Console

Although the Vikings are not really just invaders, it seems that players will still have to conquer and conquer areas. AC: Odyssey has a similar mechanism, where Eagle Bearer will go to different parts of ancient Greece and win them (temporarily, at least so) for Athens or Sparta. Ubisoft can adjust that mechanism for AC Ragnarok, although players will have to choose which side to fight; Instead, players can also sail across the coast of Europe to gain settlement on the island for the Vikings.

Taking that idea further, the game can also lead players to set up their own settlement – something the Vikings have done as much as the number of times they have conquered the lands. It’s interesting to be able to upgrade and add a personal ship, make it your own, and oversee the development of a settlement … of course, at the margins of all the battles and assassinate.

The era of the Vikings ended around 1066 A.D. Considering the events of the first Assassin’s Creed that took place in the late 1100s, the player character (temporarily called Jora) may not really be an Assassin yet. Perhaps Assassin is something the player will encounter when they begin to explore Europe, or perhaps they are already a member. Either way, it’s clear that the Viking era represented a large and colorful open world for Ubisoft to exploit, and if Ragnarok is real, it would be fascinating to follow the path. The game will evolve.

Assassin’s’s Creed Ragnarok Rumored to be under development.

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