What will happen if you practice “crazy” physical like Naruto in 30 days, can become Hokage or not?

Naruto is one of Japan’s most popular manga / anime series, with a worldwide popularity. With compelling storyline, thrilling battle scenes, diverse characters, Naruto really has created an irresistible fever, bringing the ninja image closer to international readers. It is also the 4th highest-grossing work of all time in Japan, behind One Piece, Dragon Ball and Golgo 13.

Naruto is one of the legendary monuments in the Japanese manga village.

This series revolves around Naruto’s journey to become Hokage in Konoha (understood simply as the head of a village). However, because of the terrible power of the nine-tailed fox – Nine-Tails Kurama, this boy was caught up in endless fateful battles, and gradually took on the role of the savior of all humanity. And of course, in order to successfully carry out this mission, Naruto will have to go through an arduous, arduous training process to strengthen himself to the maximum extent.

So to what extent are Naruto’s exercises “horrible”, can normal people endure them? Recently, YouTuber Tyler Oliveira decided to play big while training the body in the style of the world’s most famous ninja boy.

[Mjolnir] YouTuber Tyler Oliveira tried practicing Naruto style for 30 days to see if he is brave enough to become a Hokage.

Specifically, Tyler said this exercise consists of: running nearly 5 km daily, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 75 crunches, 75 dips, 50 times, up 50 more, 50 more lunge. That is the physical part. As for fighting, he will practice 5 rounds of air punches, burpees, jump-squats, each round lasts 30 seconds (details of how you can follow the video in the video above). In addition, every weekend, Tyler also “coffee” other people fighting with him to enhance his solo ability.

Although this is not the full version of the exercise program Naruto uses (because he also has to learn how to use chakra), just looking through it is enough for us to be overwhelmed by the “bulls”. like its tremendous intensity already. Tyler himself admitted that this exercise is heavier than Saitama – the famous Japanese OnePunch Man Manga.

But after all, our YouTuber guy still patiently fulfills his challenge, and his body also receives a few positive changes from this training program. But as a result, I will not mention here specifically, to avoid spoil for readers who have not watched the whole video above.

What will happen if you practice crazy physical like Naruto in 30 days can become Hokage or not | Live

These exercises may be heavy enough to train physically, but in order to achieve the same success as Naruto, we also have to learn how to control chakra – which seems impossible in reality.

Whether or not Tyler is qualified to be a true Hokage or not, but his video really inspires viewers, helping them to be more motivated to stand up and train themselves. In the video, he also shared: “Gym experts will pout that training like this is just a waste of effort. But I don’t care, at least better than sitting still and doing nothing”.

Well, on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, just eat with play, hope the video above can make you somewhat overcome the inertia of the early spring atmosphere to practice and improve your health.

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