“Fall in College”

– A phrase that is not very pleasant to hear, but I believe that everything will be more comfortable and easier after you read this article.

With the experience of taking the University exam 3 times, I am sure one thing is that you will really want to know about the months after knowing that I did not pass the University and how I went through!

Because I know, when you fail university, you often tend to look for sharing, find people who are in the same situation as you to reduce sadness, reduce loneliness…

These are the tips that I want to share very honestly with you, so that a future generation will not destroy themselves because of the word UNIVERSITY, at least in thought.

Okay, now let’s see what 6 things to do after failing college!

#first. Allow yourself to be sad

To advise you not to be sad is wrong and sounds a bit cliché.

Because of how much review, how much enthusiasm and effort .. but the final result is not as expected, of course, it must be sad.

Your job is to just look at the truth and face the current emotions. Allow yourself to be sad, accept the fact that you have already finished the University, then you will soon be able to map out your next plan.

But don’t let yourself be sad for too long, because in a lifetime for 60 years, there is no contest that determines who wins and who loses for the rest of your life, you still have many other “contests”.

There are many things waiting for you to do, challenging you ahead, it doesn’t matter, if we lose this time, we will have another time, while breathing is still there

#2. Do something you enjoy, make yourself happy during this time


You can go home or go somewhere for comfort, you can practice drawing or reading or do other cool things, in general, do what you feel most comfortable with.

But, absolutely stay away from stimulants, avoid falling into evils or game addiction right now, your life will go forever. Because when the mood is sad and disappointed, it is easy to get involved in these evils!

Just do something healthy, writing is also a good idea for you.

Do not underestimate writing, write down the current thoughts in your head, even the most negative ones, this will help you a lot more comfortable, like you just confided with Such a soul mate!

#3. Orientation to future plans


Now, after you have somewhat stabilized mentally, it’s time to start seriously thinking about 3 things as follows:

Should I Retake the University?

This is the case for those of you who just lack luck and you just want to go to that school, that aspiration only.

And if you are not eager to retake the exam, don’t try, just waste your time and youth.

College, High School or Vocational Education?

Career orientation has never been easy. But if you have not passed the University and understand your ability, as well as your ability to pass the exam, you should find another school that is more suitable to study.

Studying at University, College, Intermediate or Vocational Training is just a stepping stone, later on you still need to learn a lot of other skills to strengthen your graduation and work and time will help you practice. this.

Note: Find a major that you love, it is very important for your future job. Don’t go to college just for the sake of having, this will really be a waste of your family’s time and money.

The most practical proof is that many good people, many good universities, but still unemployed after graduation, still driving motorbike taxis regularly…

Go to work !

I know, there are some friends who, after failing university, for some reason (mostly related to family) will switch to work.

It doesn’t matter, if you really think it is necessary at this time, because learning is never enough, learning is a lifetime.

So, if you want to have a good job, high salary, healthy environment, it is best to study and self-study.

If you can’t study during the day, you can choose to study while working to add more knowledge and gain more real combat experience.

Sure, it will be a bit extreme, but in return you will learn a lot of things, both in the lecture hall and in the classroom of life!

Because after all, going to university or going to work, the ultimate goal is still to make money and have a better life.

So, you should be consistent in following the path you have chosen, a problem with many solutions that, as long as the results are correct, it’s fine.

#4. Prepare the first step for the plan


After you have chosen your direction, the next step is to make a clear plan for the upcoming time.

What is required to apply for school A, how many points does B need to be, what is the cost of a university year, if your family is not eligible, what can you do to reduce the load? for family…

Write all of this down on paper, and you’ll be on your way in no time!

#5. Straight talk with family about upcoming direction

This is hard work, you know!

Talking to parents is never easy at this age, but please try to express your wishes and include a sincere apology that you have let your family down.

But at the same time, talk about your future plans and ask permission to start proving to the whole family with your daily efforts.

I firmly believe that if you can map out the next path that you will take, the atmosphere in the family will be much less stuffy. And you will feel lighter too!

#6. Show determination


You should remember, you will not be able to do anything successfully if you are not DETERMINED and FIRE. Always think in your head: I WILL DO and I WILL DO GOOD!

Life is about falling, falling and standing – and falling again – and standing again, but whoever is more persistent will be the winner.

Apply your “stubbornness” to life so that when you look back, you will smile and be proud that: That year, I didn’t lose my life because of the first fall!

Today, you may fail, but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you will be a much stronger person. Stay strong, guys!

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