What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing?

The processor chip market is in a very difficult period, when the demand is high but the supply is still unable to meet it.

Currently, almost every civil device has a processor chip inside so it can operate more efficiently and intelligently. So the need for a powerful processor chip is not too difficult to understand ..

Ordinary people have a saying “let’s turn challenges into opportunities” – “difficulties of one person will be an opportunity for others” .., and according to many people, this is a potential time for Vietnam to shake hands. into chip research and production => progressing to turn it into a spearhead manufacturing industry.

But to say no, we have been a century behind the world in this high-tech industry, is there any chance for us?

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#first. What is Chip?

What many people mistakenly think is – a chip is just a CPU, but actually the chip also refers to PROCESSOR SERIES with a specific task on the same cluster.

That means, when it comes to chip manufacturing, in addition to the CPU, we also have a signal processing chip, an audio processor chip, a sensor chip, an analog chip ….

It can be said that the processor is present on most electronic devices and it is present in almost all devices from home to specialized equipment. So in short, this market is extremely large.

What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View
What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View

#2. Design and manufacture CHIP

To make any chip, the two most important steps are: design and manufacturing. And right now, we will go into details of these two stages:

2.1. Design

Simply put, chip design is like drawing a house design or sketching an idea for a picture.

It is the first step towards a chip, the chip blueprint will tell us the order in which the components are arranged inside the chip, the chip’s internal composition, the chip’s operating principle….

Just like drawing a home design, chip design requires specialized software and a team of highly qualified experts to use it.

This specialized software will also let us know whether this design is feasible or not thanks to the ability to “test run” on the software, now these software are mainly owned by US companies.

2.2. Manufacturing

When the blueprint is completed, then the production stage, in general, chip manufacturing is based on etching transistors onto a piece of silicon.

This one has many different technologies so in the scope of today’s article, we just need to know that simple.

These transistor engraving technologies are always the race of great powers such as the US, Korea or China and are so important that they can affect both national and political issues.

Currently we are too familiar with the phrase 12nm, 7nm, 5nm … these are the concepts that refer to the technology that the chip is being applied to, the smaller the number, the more advanced engraving technology.

To understand more clearly, please read this article, make sure you understand immediately: Find out the true meaning of 7nm, 10nm … on CPU

What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View
What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View

# 3. Has Vietnam done the two important things mentioned above?

In my opinion, in Vietnam, if we want to really master both of the above steps (if everything goes well), at least it will take us 15 to 20 years to master them.

Countries like the US or Korea and Japan took nearly a hundred years to go up from scratch, from theory on paper to actual machines and have the results today.

This is indeed not easy, for example, like neighboring China, they have developed much more than we know, but in this industry, they are also lagging behind other developed countries. .

And predict that they also take a similar amount of time to master the technology, that’s when the state spends billions of dollars!

But don’t be too sad, if we can’t do all of the above 2 steps, we can only do one!

In fact, many companies in the world do not directly manufacture chips, but their name and influence comes from chip design, and the ARM name is the most obvious example.

What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View
What opportunities for Vietnamese chip manufacturing | View

ARM is a typical mobile chip design company, they don’t need to manufacture, they only need to design and optimize their upgrades year by year.

Then, they sell them to those who need to make their own chips, the famous mobile chip, Snapdragon or Exynoss, is designed by ARM.

With the current capacity of Vietnam, it is almost impossible for us to design the chips as ARM did.

But as I said above, processor chips not only have CPUs, but also dozens of other chips, we can make chips on simpler devices, without requiring any complexity. high..

And we’ve been doing them early since 2015, names like VN8-01 good SG8V1 are chips designed by Vietnamese engineers and they are applied in civil systems.

It can be concluded that, to make a chip is not a simple matter, we are long behind developed countries (besides the issue of qualifications, it is also a matter of politics) so surely they are. We will need to try and make a lot of effort if we want to reach the status of leading countries.

But it’s not that there are no opportunities, there is no need to be too luxury, just the civil chips to serve the systems are not too complicated … that market is enough for us to start a business.

Hopefully, in the next 15 to 20 years (this year is 2021), we will receive 100% Vietnamese chips from design to production. Then we can truly autonomy in technology!

Okay, hopefully the perspectives in this article will be useful to you. What about you, what do you think about Vietnam’s autonomy in chip manufacturing?

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