What is the key number? How to calculate your dominant number

Maybe you don’t know, the numbers “related to you” always contain secrets and interesting things.

Do numbers tell us about our character, destiny, and future life?

#first. What is the key number?

Key numbers

(Your Ruling Number) in Numerology is a number that can reveal all your facts, characteristics and personality from birth to death.

In other words, the dominant number is the number that lines your entire life!

Sounds hard to believe, right? However, based on that, you can build your own future direction or a roadmap of your life.

Besides, with the dominant number and by doing some mathematical formulas, you can completely know the peak or the difficult period of your life.

In my article on Numerology, I already mentioned this, but I still quote it here:


When it comes to spiritual factors or things like that, there is no right or wrong, because those are things that are not immediately visible. It depends on one’s beliefs.

So the perspective of those who believe in spiritual factors is different from those who do not believe in this. Therefore, without criticism or exclusion, please read with the most open mind!

#2. What does the key number mean?

The mathematician and numerologist Pythagoras said:

“Evolution is the law of life, and number is the law of the universe. The integration of evolution and numbers is the law of the creator.”

Understandably, everyone has steps in their evolution.

We are not saints, so there will be times when we meet with thorns, fatigue.. we have to stop for a while, but some people stop for too long, some people continue to walk but do not know themselves. where are you going?

Therefore, each of us needs to understand ourselves first, then have the right direction for life.

Key numbers reveal a person’s personality

But in fact, not everyone realizes that and they still take a lot of time to find the answer for themselves.

Even more unfortunate is that there are so many people who are doing things that can’t make themselves grow despite their best efforts, so it’s really a waste of talent.

That is why the main number appears and gives meaning to life:

  • The dominant number represents the positive and negative sides, advantages and disadvantages of each individual.
  • Unleash your potential and shape your future…

The key number will tell you about such general information, but your job is to strive and determine your goals, go in the right direction, that is the main meaning of the key number. religion.

#3. How to calculate the main number

So how to calculate your dominant number? Let’s do the Knowledge Sharing Blog through the example below, it’s very easy:



Step 1:

Write your date of birth (solar calendar) in day/month/year

(If your date of birth is in the lunar calendar, find a way to convert it, or most accurately, get the information in the ID card or CCCD!)

Date of birth: 11/01/1999

Step 2:

Add these numbers together until the total is between 2 and 11.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 31

As you can see, the number 31 is outside the range from 2 to 11, so we add

3 + 1 = 4

So => your dominant number is


According to the school of Pythagoras (Pytago), the dominant number is in the range

from 2 to 11



There is a special case that is the number 4. When the number 4 is created, the number 22 (2 + 2) will be the master number and recorded as 22/4, the purpose is to distinguish it from the children. another number 4.

#4. Meaning of key numbers

What is the key number How to calculate your dominant number | WHAT?
The main number divided into three horizontal axes

Once you’ve figured out your key numbers, let’s decipher them right away:



2 This is a relatively rare number, but in general, these people are usually quite sensitive and enthusiastic to help people, industrious, hard-working.

It is often difficult for them to become leaders.

Besides, they often rely a lot on reason and forget about intuition, so they sometimes make wrong judgments.

Jobs suitable for people number 2 are assistants, singers, artists, diplomats, social activists.

3 People number 3 inherits an extremely alert and active mind. Quick-witted, likes to reason, evaluate and plan. They can be said to be intelligent.

They know how to evaluate and come up with plans that others cannot imagine. Not only that, they are also a very humorous person in work and life, easy to succeed in work.

The downside of number 3 people is that they are a bit domineering, causing a lot of discomfort to others. The most suitable professions for the number 3 people are business administration, IT, accountants, scientific researchers, etc.

4 Number 4s are principled and trustworthy people.

When developed to a certain extent, they will create conditions for both wisdom, love, and great physicality. They always have a penchant for the real, rarely fantasy.

The downside is that they are always attracted to work and forget to balance work, life and family, leading to stress and fatigue.

Suitable occupations for them are technicians, artisans, business managers, specialists, doctors, experts, coaches, etc.

5 Number 5 people tend to try to break free from emotional bondage. Because these are people who belong to the horizontal axis of the soul.

It is because of this point that the number 5 is very difficult to work according to the strict time limit. They complain very easily and often suffer from stress because of these problems.

They love the freedom, traveling here and there and experiencing. The jobs that are suitable for them are salesman, politician, traveller, hotelier, designer, etc.

6 People with the dominant number 6 are often very creative both in work and in life. They are loving, unselfish people who hate injustice.

The downside of these people is that they are very possessive – making them often become anxious, restless, etc., thereby limiting personal development.

The right career for them is a doctor, painter or designer, etc.

7 Number 7s are people who have limitless ability to learn and experience, and then teach or share those experiences with others.

To get those life philosophies or experiences, these people have had to endure trauma and loss in terms of health, money, and deep love.

It is because of the stubbornness and dislike of being thick by others, so it will often be quite uncomfortable with those things. The most suitable occupations for them are manual laborers, carpenters, surgeons, etc.

8 Number 8 people always find it difficult to express their love or ability to express their heart.

But on the contrary, they are very sympathetic to people in difficult circumstances and are always ready to help them. They are very sophisticated in their dress and appearance.

The right career for them is a captain, pilot or teacher, nurse, etc.

9 Because this person is many times more representative of the ambition, responsibility and ideal of life than the average person, they are therefore well suited to the fields of art and commercial science.

Number 9s are relatively honest, but sometimes those desires turn into ambitions. Therefore, suitable jobs for number 9 are research, religion, education or crime solving…

ten A relatively prominent thing about the number 10 people is confidence, sociability, fun and sensitivity to many issues.

However, it is difficult for them to control their self-confidence that makes them excessive, or oppressive, etc. Therefore, occupations that suit them are sports, theater artists, interior designers, employees. businessmen, politicians…

11 The number 11 is not as common as other numbers and often represents sensitive and emotional people, especially interested in others.

They love subtle things and delve into cultural and emotional values.

The downside of these people is that they are easily tempted with a material life and easily go in the wrong direction. The most suitable occupation is education, social activities, social culture, etc.

Special key numbers (April 22):

These are people with social responsibility, they are confident, have good emotional control, have good intuition, care about people… In general, these are people with great potential!

Currently there are many online tools that support viewing Numerology and Numbers online, you just need to enter your name and date of birth to see the full meaning. You can refer to it if you want more information.

#5. Epilogue

Yes, every

key number

Each has different meanings and speaks to different personalities and orientations for each person.

Through that information, each individual can identify themselves as well as promote their strengths and limit their weaknesses.

Hope the information in this article will be useful to you, good luck!


by Kien Nguyen

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