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What is the Dark Web? What is Deep Web? Read now if you don’t already know

Internet world is like an iceberg of Hemingway so, the above floating ice that we can see, represents the Public Web (Surface Web) ..

These are things that we can search through Google Search / Bing and popular search engines, or the websites you visit every day, like Facebook, YouTube or ZingMp3.

#first. What is Deep Web?

The deep web (also known as the deep web) is not publicly visible to Google search engines.

Making up the majority of the Internet is the Deep Web (up to 90%), part of World Wide Web (WWW), you will not be able to find their content using regular search engines like Google, Bing …

Because these sites actively block search engines from indexing them (by declaring in robot.txt or blocking the IP of the “search bot”), Because the content they provide is highly confidential, contains premium content, research thesis, medical documents, legal documents, confidential records, …

=> In short, the sites listed on the Deep web list will not allow Google and search engines to retrieve data and publicize it to users.

For example, Gmail, Zalo, Facebook chat, bank account…. and any other website that requires you to be logged in to view that content.

And the sites that you do not need an account or login at all but can still view the content are called the Surface Web (floating web). For example such as 🙂

We often confuse Deep Web and Dark Web (the last element of the Internet – a tiny fraction at the bottom of the iceberg), the most obvious difference is that the Dark Web is often associated with criminal scandals.

What is the Dark Web What is Deep Web Read now if you don t already know | People of technology

(This article I will not mention much about the black web – Black Web, the way I call it myself, because you must be very good at reading about them, adult 18+ pages).

#2. What is the Dark Web?

The dark web contains about 6% of Internet data, and it is also part of the Deep Web. However, the Dark web is designed in a very mysterious way, and it is very difficult for users to access it.

The dark-web world used for unauthorized purchases and transactions can be: drugs, guns, children, weapons, credit cards, money laundering, game accounts or even buying and selling tools used to attack computers … generally everything.

=> That is the dark side of the Dark Web!

But many people choose the Dark-web to maintain legitimate activities that promote privacy, not track users, for example opening a closed website for chess clubs: http://theches3nacocgsc.onion

Or open a social network entirely: http://blkbookppexymrxs.onionInternational reporters and journalists often use this Tor network to process sensitive news.

What is the Dark Web What is Deep Web Read now if you don t already know | People of technology

In order to access the Dark Web, you must use specialized and highly secure browsers such as: Tor / Brave + Tor, I2P and Riffle, in which Tor web browser Most commonly, Dark Web sites use anonymous software so that no one knows who the web owner is, who the visitors are. In general everything is anonymous!

This is probably a place for hackers, the most famous criminal organizations to hide, because it is difficult to get into the Dark Web layer => and find the “Nickname”, let alone the real identity. in their real life.

To make it easier to understand, you can try Google keywords what is my IP You will see that the search result returns a numeric and alphanumeric address, based on these numbers, the device and its corresponding location can be accessed.

But if a hacker enters the Dark Web, their real IP address will be changed, which is how the Tor network works, not to mention they easily apply other advanced stealth techniques such as VPN, Tunelling, …

What is the Dark Web What is Deep Web Read now if you don t already know | People of technology

When you use a web browser like Tor, it automatically keeps changing proxy to conceal your location and your real identity => leads to freedom of action, difficult to be controlled and traced from authorities.

Therefore, the Dark Web is a place where hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of illegal activities such as trading counterfeit money, illegal substances, credit cards, network accounts, …

The Dark Web’s Silkroad is notorious for providing large-scale arms and drug trafficking services.

# 3. Dark Web + Bitcoin

The “Dark Web” doesn’t have a big part in changing current crime patterns, but it does provide access to banned goods like: weapons, drugs and credit cards are stolen.

Without a doubt, the Dark Web, along with Bitcoin money, are the perfect match for criminals: Access no one knows, no one deals.

The sad truth is that tools are designed to make life a better one: freedom of speech, fast cross-border transactions, and privacy of users (like Dark Web and Bitcoin) …, Once transformed, there will be scary consequences, guys!

What is the Dark Web What is Deep Web Read now if you don t already know | People of technology

“Dark Web” also effectively supports criminal gangs when opening a whole industry of cyber attack.

They can go here to buy and sell ransomeware / software, for the price of one piece of software, but the number of computers and phones being hacked is unlimited, the damage to the user is infinite. same awful.

While the authorities such as: FBI, CIA, Interpol, … sweeping the Dark Web every second, every minute, the reality is still very “bitter”, the black markets on the Dark Web are still alive and well. millions of dollars per year, of course they will always exist.

To limit access to fake or phishing Dark Web sites, according to the advice of experts in the field of cybersecurity, you should only visit websites that have security certificates. HTTPs, recommended by a trusted source, and of course you remember install antivirus Come on hard, don’t know what awaits you in a quiet late night ^^

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