What is R&D? This article will help you better understand R&D

R&D is an increasingly popular term today, every year large companies invest a lot of money in this R&D department.

So what is R&D? What does R&D mean for a company? Well, in this article we will take a closer look at R&D and the information surrounding R&D.

#first. What is R&D?

R&D (abbreviation for the phrase )






evelopment) – translated into Vietnamese it means

Research and development

, the R&D department is the key to innovation and the future growth of a company/enterprise.

The R&D department will be in charge of researching, developing and improving products, as well as working processes, creating new, more innovative products…

Today’s big companies are investing very heavily in this research and development department, because if there is no innovation and no creativity, it also means that they are lagging behind the companies. competitor.

#2. In what areas is R&D available?

What is R 038 D This article will help you better understand R 038 D | WHAT?

Research and development takes place in many different fields (which can be said to be the majority of fields), there is no limit on the size of the company to develop R&D, as long as they have the ideas and funds to do so. maintain.

The industries that invest the most in the R&D department include: Pharmaceuticals, life sciences, automobiles, software, technology, etc. to areas such as food and beverage.

R&D also plays a very important role in the construction industry, especially in manufacturing and engineering.

#3. What is the goal of R&D?

The goals of R&D are very diverse and also depending on the field to have its own development directions. But in general, they all want to develop new products, new work processes, research old technologies to improve it, etc.

All activities of the R&D department are for the purpose of helping the company develop more, and more importantly, to help the company own core technologies, patents, and proprietary technologies compared to competitors. competitor.

It can be said that R&D is the future of businesses, the source of innovation, so the R&D staff in large companies are all outstanding talents, have very good professional knowledge and are all qualified. Very creative thoughts.

#4. Some useful information about R&D that you should know

Of course, many enterprises are not able to implement and maintain their own R&D department for various reasons, such as lack of capital, inadequate facilities and inadequate human resources. turned on, they will outsource R&D department.

What is R 038 D This article will help you better understand R 038 D | WHAT?

The cost of R&D activities is extremely large, I take examples from large companies in 2018 as follows:

  • Amazon: $22.6 million.
  • Alphabet, Inc (Google): $16.2 million.
  • Volkswagen: $15.8 million.
  • Samsung: $15.3 million.
  • Intel: $13.1 million.
  • Microsoft: $12.3 million.
  • Apple: $11.6 million.
  • Roche: $10.8 million.
  • Johnson & Johnson: $10.6 million.
  • Merck: $10.2 million dollars.

R&D is a long-term investment, when investing in R&D, businesses will not be able to reap profits immediately, but have to wait for a certain period of time, depending on the profitability of the project that R&D developed.

But not every investment will have good results, it may be lost or unsuccessful with that project. So in order to raise a quality R&D department, really big companies can do it.

#5. Skills required of an R&D employee

What is R 038 D This article will help you better understand R 038 D | WHAT?

They are people with extensive knowledge of many different industries, with multi-dimensional knowledge, from which they find important ingredients in different fields to help create new things, things that if you only knowledge in a specialized area will not be found.

They master the important skills of a senior employee, such as: Presentation, communication with colleagues, foresight… and of course must have good professional skills, this is the basic thing that a R&D staff must have.

To be a good R&D employee, you also have to train yourself to withstand high pressure at work, because R&D is a very creative and fast-changing environment, it can be said to be ahead of its time. So adapting to this environment is important so that you can stay here and thrive for a long time.

#6. Epilogue

Okay, so in this article I have helped you understand more about

concept of R&D

Okay, through this article, I believe you have understood

What is R&D?


It can be seen that R&D is like a market leading industry, constantly creating and improving to bring good products to users.

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