What is numerology? Is numerology similar to Horoscope?

What is numerology, is it interesting and attractive that many people believe so?

Why is it that the deeper we dig, the more new things we find about ourselves through numbers?

#first. What is numerology?

There are many definitions of Numerology, but you can understand about Numerology simply as follows:


(Numerology) aka

secret magic number

– this is an area of ​​study in spiritual science, specifically the study of the relationship between divine beliefs and numbers and facts.

And according to Wikipedia’s definition:

Numerology is any belief in a divine and mystical belief relationship between numbers and events. This thought also investigates the correlation between the number of letters in the name and mental things.

Numerology is a science that relies on numbers to explain people.

Numerology studies the relationship between numbers and your date of birth (calendar year). From there, it gives you the personality or lifestyle and suggests you the “suitable” path.

If you are having trouble orienting your future, don’t know what job you will do or are working but feel that the job is not suitable for you.

Or even you find it difficult to understand and sympathize with the actions of others, but do not know how to express it, ..

Numerology will help you analyze your personality and make appropriate decisions. Basic questions that may be difficult to answer include:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How to overcome weaknesses?
  • Suggest suitable jobs for you?

The main purpose of Numerology is not divination and predicting the future..

That Numerology allows us to learn about personality, about psychology, about abilities, about strengths and weaknesses, about satisfaction motivation…. of each person through the date of birth and the full name of each person.


Of course, when it comes to spiritual factors or things like that, there is no right or wrong, because those are things that are not immediately visible. It depends on one’s beliefs.

So the perspective of those who believe in spiritual factors is different from those who do not believe in this. Therefore, without criticism or exclusion, please read with the most open mind!

#2. Meaning of numerology?

Many people believe that numerology will help you tap into your greatest potential. From there, give information about your personality. Finally will give you “appropriate” suggestions in life.

That is, based on the numbers in your date of birth, you can know yourself to the fullest.

So the hidden meanings in those numbers are:

  • Discover your talent.
  • Suggest your future career (matching personality).
  • Reveal life’s obstacles and weaknesses.
  • Take a holistic look at your past.
  • Adjust work and spirit to achieve higher goals.
  • Anticipate your upcoming challenges….

With such meanings from numerology, many people immediately think of spiritual problems or idealism. Or worse, superstition, bringing unnecessary misunderstandings to many people.

#3. Is Numerology the same as Horoscope?

Many people reading this will think: So is Numerology different from the Horoscope of the East?

Exactly like that, when I first learned about Numerology, I thought the same as you, but after learning it, it’s much different.

The first,

Numerology originated in the West. Numerology uses the solar calendar (date of birth recorded on ID card or CCCD), needs Full Name, no need for Gender, time of birth..

Meanwhile, Horoscope uses the lunar calendar (calculates the date of birth according to the lunar calendar), needs gender and time of birth …. surname is not required.


In essence, Horoscope wants to predict specifically how the event will take place, good or bad, success or failure, gain or loss..

Meanwhile, Numerology does not predict such specifics, but instead only “predicts trends and gives lessons and advice..” for each certain stage of life.

What is numerology Is numerology similar to Horoscope | WHAT?
Numerology reveals your personality

#4. How to look up Numerology

Numerology has many different schools, different calculation methods. So when learning about Numerology, choose a school that you want to believe.

It’s called the charming way guys, the first school I come into contact with, I’ll follow that school 🙂

I have learned about the calculation method of a few different schools of Arithmetic, their calculation methods are slightly different, so the results are also different.

So when you ask 2 experts to see for you and come up with 2 different main numbers, don’t be too surprised, simply because these 2 experts belong to 2 different schools ^^!

According to the school of Pythagoras (Pytago), the dominant number of the life path is in the range

from 2 to 11



There is a special case that is the number 4. When the number 4 is formed, the number 22 (2 + 2) will be the master number and recorded as 22/4, the purpose is to distinguish it from the children. another number 4.

How to calculate the dominant number?

It’s simple, just follow these steps:

+ Step 1:

Write down your date of birth (solar calendar).

+ Step 2:

Add it all up.

+ Step 3:

If the sum of all numbers is between 2-11 then stop.

Otherwise, you continue to add, for example, if your total date of birth is 36, you continue to add (3 + 6 = 9). We’ll take the number 9 !

Specific examples:

+ Step 1:

Date of birth is March 18, 1990

+ Step 2:

The sum is: 1 + 8 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 31

+ Step 3:

31 is outside the range 2-11, so we add, 3 + 1 = 4

=> The main number of the date of birth above is the number 4

#5. Numerology Alphabet

According to David, vibration waves don’t just stop at the frequencies that we can hear when pronouncing that name…

More broadly, it is also the symbolic vibration of the series of numbers corresponding to that name. These vibrations influence the personality traits of each of us.

According to the Pythagorean school, the power that proper names exert to shape our personality traits largely depends on the strength of the name and the relationship between the name and the dominant Number.

What is numerology Is numerology similar to Horoscope | WHAT?
Chaldean school of numerology alphabet
What is numerology Is numerology similar to Horoscope | WHAT?
Pythagorean Numerology Alphabet

Some examples of calculation:

What is numerology Is numerology similar to Horoscope | WHAT?

Look, you know how to calculate it, right 🙂 It’s easy!

What is numerology Is numerology similar to Horoscope | WHAT?

#6. Epilogue

Yes, so through this article, you have a better understanding of

God of Numerology

then right?

To understand more deeply, you have to read more documents, I can’t cover them all in one article, because this is a whole subject.

But these are the most basic things about Arithmetic, you understand that is quite ok. Know what Numerology is, how to calculate mainstream numbers, know the difference between Numerology and Horoscope…

Nowadays, people are finding more and more interesting connections between numbers and things around them. According to my survey, Numerology is highly appreciated by the online community with their meanings.

This is a completely non-dry science and can solve the questions in the personality of each person.

What do you think about Numerology? Please leave a comment below this article. Thank you!


by Kien Nguyen

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