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What is a quantum computer? Learn about quantum computers

As you all know, modern computers today with a central processor called a CPU (also known as a chip) are slowly reaching the physical limit they can achieve.

Currently a 7nm process, in the future CPUs will only be 2nm, even 1nm. When the transistors reach this level, further miniaturization is extremely difficult.

Many experts and technology lovers believe that, instead of the transistor solution, scientists will study to quantum computers (molecular level).

#first. What is a quantum computer?

Unlike digital computers, quantum computers operate based on the operation of quantum mechanics, to process input data. Thus, to put it simply, quantum computers are computers that operate on the basis of quantum particles.

The main activities of quantum applied to quantum computers are quantum superposition and entanglement.

Unlike today’s popular digital computers, the data is encoded into a binary number (bits) and assigned two values. TẮT and MỞ respectively 0 and 1. And it can only get 1 of 2 values ​​0 or 1.

Quantum computers use the unit “qubits” (quantum bits, quantum bits) with values ​​between 0 and 1. It can get both values. 0 and 1 simultaneous.

To be able to explain, the operating principle of a quantum computer based on two mechanical activities, quantum superposition and entanglement, is very difficult to understand for most of us, so I would like to mention that .

We just need to know that quantum computers are computers out of elementary particles (quanta) and it works on the activities of quantum mechanics.

#2. Calculating ability many times more than a digital computer

According to research, quantum computers have the ability to process exponentially (according to the number of qubits). Only with a small increase qubits then we will have many times the processing capacity of the computer.

However, that’s just in theory, adding a quantity qubits make sure there are no errors in the quantum entanglement and only a few small errors in the computation problem are all work.

# 3. What is the shape of a quantum computer?

Unlike conventional computers, quantum computers have a rather special shape, they look like a giant chandelier and experts also call it chandeliers.

Quantum computer shape

Just like conventional computers, a quantum computer also has a central core which is a super chip with qubit arranged in the form of a chess board.

The core of the chip and in particular the qubits are composed of microcapacitors made of Niobium with a hardness equal to Titan.

The poles of the qubit are made to oscillate, and not maintain a fixed state, and for this reason a quantum computer is more capable than a conventional computer.

What is a quantum computer Learn about quantum computers | Good Knowledge
Quantum computer chip multiplication

This chip is placed in an electromagnetic microwave field, operating in cold, extremely cold conditions, even near zero.oK.

To reach this threshold of heat, the most efficient and least expensive way right now is that a computer will be submerged in a liquid helium bath.

# 4. Software for quantum computers

If you were expecting a quantum computer to also run an operating system, or softwares like a regular computer, you have already been disappointed. In fact, there is currently no software that works on quantum computers.

To test the processing power of the computer, experts had to research special tool tasks that could be said to be unique to run on this supercomputer.

It can be seen clearly, although we have made great strides in this industry, but still cannot apply it in practice.

Compared to the production of aircraft, we are only at the stage of the world’s first airplanes, just lifted off the ground, can not be called true flight.

It will be too early to say that quantum computers will be applied to life, it will take at least 40 to 50 years for us to have quantum machines to be applied to the mainstream.

During that time, the digital computer will face a physical obstacle to the size of the transistor, we can only wait and see what scientific progress will do with this barrier.

# 5. Epilogue

Above is the most basic article about quantum computer, a new and extremely complex science. The article aims to bring you the most basic and easy to understand knowledge about quantum computers, so there are no errors.

Thank you for reading the whole article and do not forget to follow to welcome reading the latest articles!

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