What is a convenient entertainment application for all Vietnamese families when life is busy?

When “busy” is an obsession

In a society that values ​​busyness and takes it as a “guideline” for successful people, sometimes there are many reasons for each person to choose to justify his busyness but forget how to love. yourself. Because busy earning money, striving for careers, caring for children, … Busy life with all the concerns, worries … is the reality that many people, many Vietnamese families are currently facing.

“Are you ever happy when you’re busy?” Is life busy with work, money … has made many people forget how to find themselves a hobby.

Emotions of many people are being “killed” because of the rush, busy.

As a frequent traveling person, Mr. Hung’s job (District 9, Ho Chi Minh) has to go out to meet clients continuously. “A day has passed 24 hours, I was almost devoted to my work. From morning to evening, I was overwhelmed by domestic and foreign consulting calls, seminars, so when I came home I wanted to turn on the television to watch any interesting program. It’s too late and tired, “shared Mr. Hung.

Mai’s family, both husband and wife are workers, the work is dark to the dark. Her family’s life is just packed into a small rented room in Saigon less than 20m2.

“All family activities are in a single room so sometimes very inconvenient. When children study, what they want to watch for fun on television also do not dare to play for fear of affecting the child. But all day busy After working all night, I just want to watch a movie for entertainment, “Mai said.

Perhaps the very busy and busy life has made many people increasingly appreciate the fast and convenient factor when making any decisions in daily activities such as eating, shopping, traveling … And even the choice of entertainment for everyday life.

Choose “active” entertainment trend

The entertainment needs of modern life today are not merely “at home” but require flexibility and initiative for users.

In Vietnam, TV service providers are increasingly investing in upgrading the user experience. From features, content, to technology, mobile applications on online platforms … Especially, with more than 43.7 million smartphone users in Vietnam (according to statistics from the Digital Advertising Market. by Adsota), the access and provision of television viewing services on the basis of many different devices for users is an inevitable trend.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dung (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) also chose to entertain the whole family through television programs and mobile applications. He said, from the day each family has a phone plus a television, everyone can see according to personal preferences. “The two children often watch children’s programs to learn English on FPT television. And I like watching sports, my wife likes the feature films, so each of them has a Foxy app installed to meet all the needs.”

What is a convenient entertainment application for all Vietnamese families when life is busy | Explore

For FPT television, Foxy is a mobile application exclusively for customers to use FPT Television service to watch movies, television … via mobile devices including mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to that, instead of users can only watch FPT Television via TV screen, Foxy now can enjoy on mobile devices: Smartphone, Tablet … This helps the experience to be uninterrupted. be connected anywhere and at the same time on multiple devices.

In addition, even when disconnected from the Internet, users can continue to watch their favorite content with the D2G (Download to Go – content saving feature) when they have saved the content on Foxy application. And the rest of the user is enjoying without having to worry about the speed and presence of the Internet connection.

What is a convenient entertainment application for all Vietnamese families when life is busy | Explore

Especially, from June 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020, customers who are using FPT Internet register for additional FPT Television services or Customers who register for new combos for both Internet and FPT Television services will have the opportunity to enjoy the promotion with the program “FPT Television Registration for 3 months of Foxy 2 package”.

With Foxy, the entertainment in each person’s busy life will be simplified at hand. A companion wherever you are, even when we’re too busy.

For more information about the promotion program “FPT Television subscription, get 3 months of Foxy 2 package”, you can contact 19006600 for more details. Download the Foxy app here: [ Æsir Tales ]

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