What if you slept for 365 days?

Have you ever felt so tired of having to wake up every morning to go to school or work? But trust me, as long as you can get up and out of bed, that’s already a privilege.

Cherish your new day no matter how tired you are. Don’t be like the guy in the video below who wished he could sleep for 365 days.

When that wish came true, it turned out to be a nightmare:

What happens to your body after 365 days of sleep?

After 24 hours

The human body is programmed to move continuously (unless you are sleeping). It means about 16 hours a day, you should stay away from your bed. The opposite question arises: What if you don’t?

After just 24 hours in bed, your body has made the first changes, scientists say. Remember now, you are lying horizontally in bed, your lungs are not being pulled under your feet, it is squeezed by gravity behind your back.

This causes the lower part of the lung to contract. At that point, you may not feel anything different. But that’s because your lungs don’t have the sensory nerves outside your skin that are quietly contracting without your knowledge.

The result of a shrinking lung is a buildup of lung fluid, which can cause infection and eventually pneumonia. This is also the reason why doctors ask their patients not to stay in bed for too long. Sometimes they have to be supported just to cough, to expel lung fluid or to circulate them.

After 1 week

Next, if your coma persists for up to a week the problem will get a lot worse. When your muscles are not working, they will start to lose. Every week in bed, you lose about 1% muscle. Your bones will also thin out at the same rate, becoming more brittle and brittle.

These are also the reasons why astronauts on the ISS International Space Station have to exercise up to 2 hours a day and take calcium supplements. But when they returned to Earth after long missions, they were still so extremely weak that they couldn’t walk on their own.

What if you slept for 365 days | Live

After 10 day

What’s worse for someone who stays in bed for too long is that they don’t use energy. Normally, when you eat food, it is converted to blood sugar and the muscles take that sugar to function.

When you lie still, muscles are inactive, sugar that is not being withdrawn from the bloodstream will accumulate and cause diabetes in about 10 days.

What if you slept for 365 days | Live

After 2 weeks

Then, two weeks later, you will see ulcers on your body, what the doctors call “bedsore“These are ulcers that are caused by your bones, usually the coccyx, hip bones and individual eyes that are pressed against the flesh for too long. They reduce blood flow to the skin, starving the cells in that area. they start to die and die.

People who are paralyzed often have this condition. In the worst case, their bones may stick out completely. Obviously, a 2-week sleep in bed isn’t something as enjoyable as a vacation, right?

What if you slept for 365 days | Live

After 1 month

A month has passed, as your body is used to being inactive, it doesn’t need to consume too much oxygen and blood. Your heart can now reduce its pumping power by 30%. But ironically, your brain will feel really tired because it is still operating at high power.

You will begin to feel a crazy, confining effect of having to open your eyes every day, looking at a wall, a spot on the ceiling. Research in pregnant women has shown that they may have an increased risk of depression if they stay in bed for too long.

What if you slept for 365 days | Live

After 6 months

In the end, for whatever reason, by the 6th month you don’t get out of bed, you will be very unlikely to do so for the next 6 months. At this point, your muscles have almost shrunk. Your bones are now too weak and brittle to support your own weight.

Your heart is too weak to get your body up and do whatever you want. This is why doctors need to treat patients as quickly as possible, getting them out of their beds as soon as possible.

Patients who have to rest in bed are also encouraged to exercise regularly in a lying position to keep muscles and heart moving. For comatose patients who cannot move, nurses must flip their bodies every 2 hours to avoid sores. Patient family members are encouraged to massage them regularly to allow blood circulation.

Obviously, a year in bed is not a pleasant experience, or a paradise you should dream of. Remember that a lazy Sunday can be okay, but always get out of bed when the second day comes.

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