What if you fall into the ‘Well of Hell’ hole 12km underground?

With the aim of discovering the secret hidden deep in the ground, in the 1960s and 1970s, the US and the Soviet Union carried out “crazy” projects that no other nation in the world had thought of.

One of them is the Soviet “Kola Super Deep Bore” project, which was started in 1970 to understand the components of the Earth’s crust. The initial goal of the project was to create an artificial borehole up to 15 km deep underground – far beyond the nearly 11km depth of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific.

With a depth of 12.26km, this becomes the deepest drilling hole that man has ever drilled.

Accordingly, on May 24, 1970, the Soviet Union set up a giant rig on the Kola Peninsula to start the project. The Soviet scientists then used the drill Uralmash-4E, then the Uralmash-15000 to drill as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust, penetrating the Manti layer completely. A total of three drills were executed at various depths, with the deepest drill named SG-3 reaching a depth of 12.26km in 1989 – 19 years after the project was implemented – variable this becomes the deepest drilling hole man has ever drilled.

However, in 1992, the project “Kola Super Deep Hole” was stopped, when the temperature at a depth of 12km reached nearly 200 degrees. If further digging continues to reach the initial target of 15km, the temperature at this depth will reach about 300 degrees, enough to damage any drilling equipment. Project Kola continued until 2008, when the rigs were dismantled, leaving only the dilapidated buildings. Above the Kola drill hole is now sealed by a metal cover 23cm in diameter.

What if you fall into the Well of Hell hole 12km underground | Explore

The Kola super-hole is now sealed with a metal cap

After witnessing the current state of the Kola super hole, a netizen posed a series of fictitious but equally interesting questions: What if you accidentally open the lid? seal, and fall to the world’s deepest ‘Well of Hell’? When falling, how will your body condition be affected? What will you find at the bottom of the borehole?

To answer the above questions, the famous science Youtube channel WHAT IF made a video listing the scary phenomena that will happen on this 12km deep hole.

* Watch the video of Việt Hóa: What if you fall into the world’s deepest ‘wells of hell’?

What if you fall into the world’s deepest ‘Well of Hell’?

Refer to WHAT IF

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