What if the Earth was a cube?

Instead of the current sphere, if the Earth is shaped like a cube, when going to the corner of the cube, you will get more and more difficult to walk, feeling like you are crawling on a steeper slope. ever steeper. And this is perfectly reasonable. We know that the gravity of a spherical star is always perpendicular to the surface of the star. But in this case it is different: gravity is almost directed towards the center of the cube. When we are on a certain plane and further away from the center of gravity of that plane, the vertical line will become more and more inclined with respect to the ground. As you start walking from the center of the face further forward, the feeling of climbing will become more and more obvious.

The vertical line indicates the direction of gravity of a place – as we move further away from the center of gravity of a certain plane of the cube, the direction of gravity becomes more and more inclined towards the ground. Therefore, as we move further away, we will feel the world appear as an increasingly inclined plane. The rolling or sliding direction of all objects in this plane world is directed at the center of the plane, like sliding from the side of the bowl to the bottom of the bowl.

In reality, of course the ground won’t move. Instead, you will have to lean forward to keep the posture straight. In this way, the gradient is not a pure illusion. Here, the direction of free fall motion is an oblique angle to the ground. Once you lose your balance, you will inevitably roll into the center of the plane. Although the world is flat to the naked eye, due to gravity, every flat surface gives the impression of a basin.

However, because the distance to the center of the Earth is uneven, the farther away from the location, the weaker the gravitational force. In this case, when you reach a certain angle of the cube Earth, your weight may be as low as 65% of its normal value. This particular “climbing” thus becomes easier. However, it should be noted that gravity not only acts on objects, but also the various liquids and gases necessary for life, and it flows to the center of the plane under the influence of gravity – such as air and water.

In this flat world, the only place that limits your view is the coast! On this cubic planet, the ocean is a giant bulge that makes it impossible to see the opposite shore. Like water, the air on this cube planet will also accumulate in the sea.

If this cubic stellar object had the same volume of water and air as our spherical Earth, the water and air would be evenly distributed in each plane, and a convex ocean would form in the center. center of the plane, like a convex lens 2,000 km in diameter – as large as the Caribbean Sea. But the depth at the center of the ocean would be more than 100 kilometers, 20 times deeper than the oceans on Earth.

What if the Earth was a cube | Living

Air and water accumulate at the center of each plane of the cube, as if falling to the bottom of a bowl. Every ocean is part of a sphere, so the water surface always intersects the local vertical at right angles. The same goes for the air above the water. The atmosphere is a thin circle, hovering over the sea and defining the only habitable zone on this plane. If the Earth were cube-shaped, the corners of the planet would be uninhabitable due to low atmospheric cover and almost no water.

Also, there’s some good news and bad news, which one would you like to hear first?

The bad news is that only the ocean is covered by a thin layer of atmosphere and the only suitable area for habitation is the coastal zone. The good news is: in this environment, you can move like on the moon.

You only need to walk about 500 km with your back to the ocean, and you will be able to move in a vacuum, like the moon. If you want to reach the corners of the cube while roaming, don’t forget to wear a space suit!

In fact, in a non-vacuum area just 100 km or 200 km from the ocean, you will feel the ground is very tilted. Furthermore, the air is so thin that it cannot store the sun’s heat, so the ice and snow may not melt all year round, and the temperatures are unbearably cold.

What if the Earth was a cube | Living

So, to survive in this cubic world, humans have to curl up in an area 150 km from each plane by the coast line, the living area of ​​each plane is smaller than the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. Country.

What if the Earth was a cube | Living

If the Earth were cube-shaped, the water would be concentrated in the center of each face. The further away, the more barren the landscape, which makes it difficult for people to live comfortably.

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