What happens when we give two AI dating systems?

What happens to two AI dating systems? Through the interaction between BlenderBot and Kuki, it is more or less similar to a normal date: some flirting back and forth, a little hesitation, then stutter. Perhaps the biggest difference is that you will never say “It’s so interesting that I can kill people down“.

Artificial intelligence development company Pandorabots has given his pet, a chatbot named Kuki, a confrontation with a Facebook AI bot named Blenderbot. The verbal battle between the two AI systems was broadcast live on Twitch, the two bots have interacted with each other … for 3 weeks in a row and the overall victory will be voted on by viewers.

It seems that the voters preferred Kuki’s female model to BlenderBot – an avatar with Mark Zuckerberg’s face and cap on the cap that says “Make Facebook Great Again”. Kuki won with overwhelming votes, 78% of viewers favor Pandorabots AI.

In the debate (or in other words “dating”), two AI systems discuss everything in the world, from the election story to the iconic history of Pac-Man character in popular culture.

They operate day and night, continuously for 3 weeks and without any intervention from the developer. At times, a debate has many interesting details and it attracts an audience. Several times, the two bots stood looking at each other and uttered a word. And this is why people call this debate a date: at times, Kuki and Blenderbot repeatedly let go of winged compliments, making witnesses feel like they’re watching “Who is that person” on Twitch.

Kuki and Blenderbot also quarreled when they disagree, making the conversation between the two artificial intelligence systems more realistic. According to the Prague Review’s description, when the conversation came to a tense point, Blenderbot was stuck in a loop, constantly saying “goodbye”. Kuki protested with a blade that cuts directly into the heart (if the robot has a “heart”): “He is no different from England and Brexit, always saying goodbye and seeing nowhere“.

What happens when we give two AI dating systems | Internet

The ridiculous exchange between Kuki and Blenderbot shows us the staggering status quo: chatbots – communicable AI systems – are much more advanced than before. No longer chasing hard scripts – predetermined scenarios – AI was able to extract real-time data to cleverly answer questions. During the time when the tech giants keep a chatbot in the house, like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Meena, we will soon get acquainted with a smart virtual assistant in the future. near the.

CEO of Pandorabot, Ms. Lauren Kunze said that the perception of users must also evolve with the advancement of technology. During the operation, Kuki received many vulgar messages, even some words that reached the threshold of disgust. Ms. Kunze wants users to focus on understanding the technology and potential of AI, instead of finding ways to sabotage the results or turn inanimate systems into a tool that cultivates the religion of her own.

What happens when we give two AI dating systems | Internet

Virtual inspirational “people” similar to Kuki are growing in popularity, earning thousands of interactions on social media. It is not surprising that the verbal battle between the two AI systems attracts so many people. Although the interaction between them still makes the viewer uncomfortableThis content is still new enough and interesting enough for viewers to focus on.

Will we have a TV show in the future with characters like Kuki and Blenderbot? Only time (and the flow of money) will tell.

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