What happens when birds get inside an airplane engine?

In the aviation industry, it is common practice for ill-fated birds to crash into aircraft engines. Even this phenomenon has a separate noun is “bird strike”, and every year the US aviation industry costs about 1.2 billion USD. Airports also take great pains to chase birds out of airports before and after flights take off and land.

However, in the $ 1.2 billion said damage comes mainly from the late flight or cancellation because there are too many birds in the airport. The damage related to the damage to the aircraft comes from the fact that birds fly into the engine, only a part of it.

So what happens when birds get inside an airplane engine?

Naturally, the ill-fated bird would often break his bones. An airplane engine usually won’t hurt if only one bird rushes in. However, if too many birds get sucked into the aircraft’s engine, it may result in engine failure. But fortunately, the planes can still fly even when only one engine remains in operation.

What happens when birds get inside an airplane engine | Explore

For this reason, the probability of an accident caused by birds flying into an engine is very low. Statistics in the US show that, from 1990 to 2015, a total of 160,894 “bird strikes” took place, but only 0.025% of which led to accidents (ie about 40 cases).

Although the incidence of accidents from “bird strikes” is very low, the world aviation industry must still find ways to minimize such incidents. For example, before the aircraft takes off or lands, there will be cars with powerful speakers mobilized to chase birds out of the airport.

What happens when birds get inside an airplane engine | Explore

In general, the view of aviation is still “prevention is better than cure”. In other words, keep planes and birds as far apart as possible. Usually the period from July to October, when the birds enter the migration season, is also the season most likely to strike bird strikes, and also the season that the “birds chasing” most hard.

Is there a way for the birds to understand that it is better to avoid giant “iron birds” as far as possible?

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