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What happens when a fly lands on your food?

If you are a gamer, you probably have many times to scoop your own rice or have your parents ready to prepare next door but have not eaten yet due to the last match with the friends. However, the “last match” here is sometimes not the number 1 but number 2, 3, 4, 5 or even more if you lose in a row, and so on your bowl of rice will continue to be “abandoned”. fall “and become a refuge for the wandering flies.

So what do you do if you find a fly in your food? Will you give up that delicious bowl of rice, or just scoop out the fly, or continue to eat like never before? Typically, the third scenario happens more often because people think that just fluttering flies away from food can be eaten. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as that. These flies are more harmful than their small appearance.

In this article, I will list out four main harms so that you can understand more about what actually happens when a fly lands on food to tell itself to eat rice before you enter. after the game, or after you’ve finished, clean up your rice.
Flies can vomit on your food

If you do not know, flies eat by sucking liquid through their tubular mouth. Because of the shape of the mouth, flies need to turn food into liquid. To do that, it will inject saliva into your food and the inside of this saliva may contain anything they have eaten before, such as rotten meat or dung.
Flies can lay eggs on your food

What happens when a fly lands on your food | Khám phá

The leftovers you save for the next day can become a perfect nest for flies to lay eggs and after a while, these small eggs will grow into “baby” flies (maggots or larval). Needless to say, you all know how harmful it is to eat them immensely. Therefore, be sure to store your refrigerator or cover leftovers that you don’t finish with a cage or similar items if you do not want to house flies in your home.
Flies’ legs and wings are full of bacteria

What happens when a fly lands on your food | Khám phá

You probably know that there are many bacteria inside the fly, but did you know that the most concentrated bacteria is outside its surface? According to the university of technology Nanyang said just one step out of hundreds of feet of a fly is enough to leave dozens of bacteria behind. This means that everything the fly has ever touched can also be contaminated.
Flies carry over 60 different diseases

What happens when a fly lands on your food | Khám phá

The flies you often see or loiter in your home can transmit at least 65 different diseases to humans just by crawling from trash bags to food. These include dysentery, diarrhea, cholera and leprosy and not only are humans affected, but animals can also be infected, such as chickens or pigs, etc.

In short, when a fly lands on your food, it will have more consequences than you think and the consequences will not be solved just by brushing the fly away. So will you change your habits or keep the old way? Please leave your comments below to let me know.

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