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What foreign media say about M7 Smart Display | Samsung’s M5?

Samsung just launched M7 Smart Display | New generation M5 for the Vietnamese market. The super product has a series of breakthrough parameters that have not been officially opened for sale, but a series of heartwarming reviews from international technology sites that experience the screen a few weeks earlier than us can satisfy somewhat curiosity. of domestic users.

Previously, M7 Smart Display | M5 has opened for sale in limited quantities in some markets such as Canada, the US, and South Korea. Technology experts at Gadget, CNET, SlashGear … have articles and videos of product reviews, product testing experience in the context of having to gradually switch to working remotely due to the impact of the epidemic. .

Smart screen “Do It All”

FoneArena calls the device the “Do It All” smart display series, meanwhile, TechAeris says it is a “Know It All” device. Both identifiers show, M7 Smart Display | The M5 is capable of impressive multitasking, serving not only work and study, but also entertainment in a single screen.

In terms of entertainment, this new generation of smart screens runs the Tizen 5.5 operating system and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity, so they run Smart TV applications like Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube .. Turns into a Smart Hub for online entertainment. Users can use the handheld controller, even voice commands through the virtual assistant Bixby 2.0, to launch apps and navigate the screen.

What foreign media say about M7 Smart Display Samsung s M5 | Digital toys

Both also possess an impressive range of parameters that are more than enough to meet all the high-end entertainment experience of users. Smart Screen M5 owns Full HD resolution sharp, large size 27 or 32 inches. Meanwhile, the 32-inch M7 Smart Display is perfect for ultra-high 4K resolution.

All have cinematic 16: 9 aspect ratios, adding support for Ultrawide Game View mode adjusted to 21: 9 for optimal gaming. Along with that is a maximum brightness of 250 nits, 60hz refresh rate, 178 degree viewing angle, HDR10 video playback capability. Samsung has almost all equipped, including the built-in two-channel 5W stereo speaker, so that users can entertain and entertain themselves on the new generation of smart screens, without any additional purchases. any hardware.

Editor Mark Henninger of AVSforum technology forum (USA) said that the M7 Smart Display has streamed movies online better than expected, providing a cinematic experience even while watching. cup close. The gaming task is also great, smooth and sharp, handling even the intense combat phase. By combining the power of both TV and PC, it is the top minimalist choice for every need, replacing today’s complex multi-device lifestyles.

Monitors ideal for “Remote Working”

The M7 Smart Monitor Appearance essentially looks like any other computer monitor you will find on your desk in offices. But the interesting thing is that it does not have a bulky PC, cumbersome wireless … because the device was born to serve the needs of “working from home”.

What foreign media say about M7 Smart Display Samsung s M5 | Digital toys

Smart Monitor M7 | M5 is considered as the ideal device to catch the booming “Work From Home” trend in the world. ScreenRant says it takes the home office experience to new heights by streaming data online, running Office 365 and more without a PC. While DigitalTrend, for example, Samsung’s new smart super-display is bringing the TV to your desk.

Accordingly, M7 Smart Display | The M5 easily connects to the mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, or accesses Office 365 via the virtual cloud, or remotely wirelessly connects PCs and laptops from anywhere with the Internet via the feature. Remote Access …

Users can also wirelessly connect from the screen to the Galaxy smartphone or tablet ecosystem via Samsung DeX to browse the web, use apps and optimize convenient work tasks such as a desktop computer. More convenient, both also support to connect Apple Air Play 2 with iPhone, iPad or Macbook to live stream, control and share content on the screen.

What foreign media say about M7 Smart Display Samsung s M5 | Digital toys

In addition, the smart screen duo also possesses a series of fast and flexible connectivity features via two HDMI 2.0 ports and at least two USB Typ-A ports for data transmission. The M7 Smart Display even has a USB Type-C port that connects to your laptop and 65W fast charging for other devices.

Both also connect to handheld devices to mirror the screen with a light touch via Tap View, App Casting … In particular, this smart screen is equipped with Adaptive Picture Mode (automatic control Brightness Adjustment) and Eye Saver Mode (reduce blue light and anti-streak) to protect your eyes, even when you hold the screen to work all day long. This is a special feature that Smart TVs do not have.

Owns a whole new range of groundbreaking technologies, in general, M7 Smart Display | The M5 is the perfect monitor for anyone who wants to minimize the living space of a small apartment, loves multifunction devices and wants to experience the future PC-less trend soon (work without a PC ), according to NewsWeek.

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