What does BizFly Cloud have in response to the Launching Ceremony to promote digital transformation of the Ministry of Information and Communications?

Besides big names like Viettel CHT, VNG Cloud and CMC, BizFly Cloud (VCCorp) is one of the four key cloud computing enterprises participating in the digital transformation campaign launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Currently, digital transformation is an indispensable trend in the Government and businesses in Vietnam

Looking at the achievements of countries in the world, it can be said that implementing E-Government is an inevitable trend, improving the transparency of the Government’s activities, fighting against corruption, contributing to economic development. , improve competitiveness, labor productivity. In addition, Vietnamese businesses also need to seize development opportunities in the context of economic integration, break through with digital transformation.

The Covid-19 crisis is considered a “spectacular push” for businesses. Because so far the Government has called for, associations call but most businesses are still conservative and familiar with the old model. Because we have to invest when approaching new technology, businesses are hesitant but now we are forced to convert numbers, especially applying technology to convert numbers, not online, there are no customers.

Cloud computing is the first strategic step when converting numbers. Leveraging the cloud, businesses can modernize technology infrastructure, integrate advanced security and focus on researching new and innovative methods to serve digital customers.

On April 3, 2020, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung signed and promulgated the document “Guiding the set of criteria and technical criteria for evaluating and choosing cloud computing platform solutions for the Government of electricity. e / government “.

BizFly Cloud is a cloud provider that meets all these specific criteria and specifications. Accordingly, based on the criteria and technical specifications of the Ministry of Information and Communications, state agencies and organizations can choose BizFly Cloud as a cloud computing service for development of e-government and government. electronic.

BizFly Cloud is mastering technology and developing Vietnam’s cloud computing platform, helping Vietnamese businesses not to be dependent on foreign technology in the digital transformation process.

What does BizFly Cloud have in response to the Launching Ceremony to promote digital transformation of the Ministry of Information and Communications | Internet

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung – Deputy General Director of VCCorp, in charge of BizFly Cloud, shared about BizFly Cloud’s technology: “Currently, BizFly Cloud is deploying the Multi Data Center model. Vietnam, allowing cloud infrastructure and enterprise applications to operate smoothly 24/7 under all conditions BizFly Cloud (VCCorp) is one of the first units to bring the Multi Data Center model. This model helps businesses to design and build applications that operate on multiple virtual data centers at different geographical locations.The biggest advantage of Multi Data Center is that it helps maintain The system always operates safely and stably even when there is any data center. ”

In response to the “Campaign to promote digital transformation by Vietnam cloud computing technology” launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications, BizFly Cloud will constantly make efforts to invest in research and development and mastering computing technology. Vietnam’s cloud, ensuring international and Vietnamese standards. At the same time, develop products and services on the Vietnam cloud computing platform, ready to be widely provided in the market.

Finally, continuing to support businesses in difficult times, helping businesses proactively plan their business and quickly adapt to the fluctuations of the post-pandemic market, BizFly Cloud offers a 20% discount for all Both customers register new cloud computing services in Vietnam within 02 months (from 22 / 5-22 / 7).

BizFly Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services in a comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem BizFly operated by VCCorp – a leading company in the field of communications and high technology in Vietnam.

BizFly Cloud is one of the four key enterprises in the Ministry of Information and Communications’s “Campaign to promote digital transformation with Vietnam cloud computing”; fully meet all criteria and technical specifications of cloud computing platform serving e-government / e-government.

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