What are the factors that make OPPO A92’s outstanding speed?

Build solid chassis from quality hardware

Like the engine inside a speed car, hardware is the key foundation that determines the processing power on a smartphone. With an octa-core Snapdragon 665 CPU and an Adreno 610 GPU, the OPPO A92 is capable of “weighing” all today’s highly demanding tasks such as shooting, post-production, playing heavy games.

The mid-range processor from Qualcomm provides enough power for OPPO A92 to weigh all today’s heavy tasks

Offering the desirable multi-zi, using a series of youth applications at the same time, OPPO also equips this smartphone with a RAM capacity of up to 8GB. RAM levels are on par with many laptops – devices that emphasize multitasking for study and work, OPPO A92 proves that smartphones are becoming stronger and more diverse than ever.

What are the factors that make OPPO A92 s outstanding speed | Mobile

8GB RAM promises impressive multitasking performance for this smartphone

The data storage capacity of the latest representative of A-series is also taken care of, though silently but thoughtfully from OPPO. In addition to the large capacity of 128GB, which is sufficient for most young users to comfortably install games, photo applications, videos, the device also comes with UFS 2.1 standard memory, which was only available on high-end smartphones before, providing reading speed. Impressive record. Holding the OPPO A92 in your hand, you can easily feel the speed of opening applications, games faster and smoother.

What are the factors that make OPPO A92 s outstanding speed | Mobile

Large capacity memory and fast speed allow you to comfortably store data and feel every task is met immediately

For Vloggers or TikTokers who need a large amount of storage space, this “rigid” model responds quickly via an external memory card. The Micro SD card slot is separate from the dual SIM, so you can still stay connected, and store the world of personal data in a single phone. Expand storage space without compromise, this is the full experience OPPO A92 brings.

Smart software for optimal power

OPPO also focuses on software, which directly affects the user experience and helps promote the full power of the hardware when used in heavy tasks. Instead of choosing a mere configuration race with many other smartphone companies, OPPO is going the optimal path between both hardware and software, which is considered difficult, requiring more focus on resources. But the “sweet fruits” that users receive are the most complete and complete products in the experience that OPPO A92 is an example.

What are the factors that make OPPO A92 s outstanding speed | Mobile

Focusing on building a standard software experience like OPPO is not something many companies pay attention to

ColorOS 7.1 operating system based on Android 10 is integrated with a series of artificial intelligence applications to optimize hardware power. Game Boost 2.0 technology contributes to enhance the gaming experience on OPPO A92, including Frame Boost 2.0 to ensure maximum stability for the frame rate in the game, Touch Boost 2.0 reduces the touch delay to help manipulate of the player becomes faster and more accurate.

For longtime O-fans, OPPO smartphones in general, OPPO A92 is always ideal for serious climbing moments through Game Space. This “governmental” application promotes multi-zi spirit when playing the role of managing all the games in the machine, maximizing the strength with the Competition Mode option.

What are the factors that make OPPO A92 s outstanding speed | Mobile

Competition Mode helps optimize the processing power of the best machine

The small but big experience of gaming with OPPO A92 is the ability to block notifications from calls and messages during leisure time right in the Game Space app. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of inhibition during a tense combat, it was thrown out because of unwanted messages / calls, from now on, you can focus on showing your super skills, and with your friends to win. won. It can be seen that the maximum focus for the moment of climbing the rank is the “strength” of the spirit that gamers feel when using OPPO A92

The clever combination of powerful hardware configuration and intelligent software features has made OPPO A92 a remarkable performance. This is the foundation for you to enjoy more in everything from gaming, watching movies to creating content to post Tik Tok.

OPPO A92 with 2 fashionable color versions is Stylish White and Strong Black, equipped with 8 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, with an official price of VND 6.99 million. The device will officially be available nationwide from June 1.

During June 1-14, users who buy OPPO A92 will receive VND 500,000 (except directly from the selling price), and also apply the 0% installment program, enjoy prestigious customer service and OPPO’s 1-hour warranty program through the system of warranty centers and customer care nationwide.

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