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What are the cards associated with the red-haired Jonouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh?

In the Yugi Oh series, Jonouchi (Real Name Joey Wheeler), though not the best player, does not possess a strong personality like Yugi, nor is it as cold as Kaiba. However, this is one of the characters that receive the most attention and admiration from the readers’ community, only behind Yugi in terms of popularity.

Indeed, through many parts of the series, it is not difficult to realize that Jonouchi has a quite simple and pure personality. His motto of life is to live wholeheartedly for his friends, to be willing to head into danger and maybe even sacrifice his life for friendship.

In addition, this character is built with the image of perseverance, and possesses the courage to overcome difficulties in any case. If Jonouchi had just started playing magic, silly and foolish in the early days and won the game mainly by luck. After, Jonouchi suddenly changed and became a defensive player. It all comes from his burning motivation, wanting to become stronger, no longer relying on Yugi, as well as the desire to bring light to his sister’s eyes. .

1. Red-Eye Black Dragon

What are the cards associated with the red haired Jonouchi from Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

If Yugi has a Black Witch, Kaiba has a Blue-Eyed Dragon, Jonouchi has a Red-Eye Black Dragon. This can be considered as his strongest card, and also the booty after defeating Ryuzaky. In fact, that battle, Jonouchi also met a lot of luck, but anyway, it can not deny the character and confidence of this character.

And from that moment, the Red Eye Black Dragon and Jonouchi became one, and never separated, until the card was taken away by the guests from Marik. Even when Yugi had regained his card, Jonouchi firmly refused to receive it, and only determined that he would regain himself worthy when he had enough power.

And in the battle against Yugi while being minded by Marik, the Red-Eye Black Dragon became the key, the bridge between Yugi and Jonouchi, causing him to awaken from the magic from Marik to wake up. back in time.

Time witch

Equally impressive, and also appearing in the first part of the series is the Time Witch card. The combination of Baby Dragons and Time Witches to create the Elder Dragon has been one of Jonouchi’s most frequently used and branded combos.

But even when standing alone, the Time Witch knows how to bring her master to victory. For example, when fighting Maikuzaku at the beginning of the story, this card is the key to the first victory, helping Jonouchi defeat the aggressive Happy Lady and bring great confidence to him.

What are the cards associated with the red haired Jonouchi from Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Time Witch and Baby Dragon Combo to form Elder Dragon.

Copy Expert

Starting to appear after the battle at the witch cave with Dr. Kid’s disciple, the Copy Expert with an extremely impressive card formation has created attention for quite a few readers.

What are the cards associated with the red haired Jonouchi from Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

Copy specialist in Yugi oh.

Since then, this card has appeared in every remaining game of Jonouchi. With the ability to copy a magic card or a trap on the opponent’s side, the Copy Expert is always a potential surprise. However this card is also quite difficult to use. But Jonouchi always has reasonable copying methods, bringing success to him in every match afterwards. It can be said that, besides the Red-Eye Black Dragon, the Copy Expert is his second cabinet card.

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