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What are the 5 key elements to an anime masterpiece?

One of the quality determinants of anime Japan It is how much work is put into the various aspects of a production. This is reflected in both the praise and diversity of the fan community, as we can easily see that while the fans anime There are often high artistic judgments about the art of their favorite series, some of the fans may be attracted to the subject, have feelings for the characters, or be moved by the music.

1. Animation

It’s also strange that there aren’t many Japanese anime fans who choose the basic element of animation. However, this is also reasonable given the fact that not everyone has the experience to have a deep understanding of the process of drawing movements for every detail in an anime. For outsiders, they need to watch a lot of anime, watch over and over again to have enough experience to appreciate the animation design in a work.

2. Honesty

What are the 5 key elements to an anime masterpiece | Khám phá

There is nothing wrong with wanting an anime that has depth, touches many issues of real society, rather than just pure entertainment. The most serious media users often like to think that the program they are watching is both entertaining and realistic at the same time.

3. Background music

What are the 5 key elements to an anime masterpiece | Khám phá

While the main theme songs for the anime account for the majority of the glory (and CD sales), the background music is a popular choice for the top 5. BGM tracks may not stand out in music category, but it has great potential to affect viewers’ emotions. The opening and ending theme songs are usually designed with the main purpose of driving a new singer or attracting fans of a popular singer, but the background music is bright. Collaborate with the emotions of individual scenes and plot events.

4. Characters

What are the 5 key elements to an anime masterpiece | Khám phá

In real life, we often like to listen to someone if we are personally feeling positive about them, regardless of whether the story they are telling is truly engaging or not. This phenomenon is also true of anime, and that’s why more than a quarter of respondents said that if they liked the characters of a series, they would be willing to follow the series. Regardless of whether the fan has a new affection for the character, mentality or appearance of the character, if the character is not charismatic, it is difficult for anyone to focus on other aspects.

5. Plot

What are the 5 key elements to an anime masterpiece | Khám phá

According to the survey results in Japan, a good story is the most important thing to make an interesting anime. Nowadays, almost all anime is based on manga, novels or video games, co-thinking that anime started with character design and available fan base. “There are tons of anime with good looking character designs, but only a few stories are attractive to you,” shared one fan participating in the survey. This shows that, not all anime fans are only looking for characters with “small waist and big breasts” to follow.

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