Western community believes that SofM has the advantage of game bug, experts confirm: SN’s victory is completely valid.

The tie-break match is at the top of Group A in the middle of CKTG 2020 Suning and G2 Esports ended with the final victory in favor of the Chinese representative after more than 44 minutes of extremely intense competition. Gangplank’s detonation of three barrels of gunpowder was the focus of the game, however, besides the late-match fight, the situation SofM Killing Caps in the bushes near top lane was also a very noticeable situation.

G2 vs SN Tiebreaker Highlights Day 5 Worlds 2020 Main Event G2 Esports vs Suning by Onivia

This controversial situation took place in the 15th minute of the game, at which point Caps caught SofM’s movement, Speed ​​Up used Syndra’s Q + E combo to stun and capture up to 60% of the amount. Graves blood.

However, it is worth mentioning that after that, when Caps’s Syndra used his ultimate Blasting of Power against Graves, the damage was not absorbed. As for SofM, as soon as his stun is over, his Graves also Flashes to use Caps’ W and location and return damage.

The fact that Syndra’s ult did almost no damage to SofM left Caps down and was killed shortly after, when Bin’s Gangplank intervened. And at this time, the Western League of Legends community began to emerge a wave of controversy over the above situation.

Theoretically, Graves’ W – Smoke Bomb has no damage shut off effect on other attacks, but in this situation, because Caps’s damage from his ultimate is too little, while Syndra is in the Smoke Bomb. , plus the ambiguous visual effects, leading many to observe that Syndra only shot 3 orbs (out of a total of four), and came to the conclusion that Graves’s W interrupted Syndra’s ultimate.

Because Graves’ W inherently does not have this use, many argue that this is a game bug and Suning has benefited from it, and controversy also erupted. The gaming community immediately did a little experiment, and as in the clip below, Graves’ W completely failed to block Syndra’s ultimate, meaning the bug above didn’t exist.

Korean gamers experimented with simulated scenarios to prove Graves bug W didn’t exist

So the question is where did the damage from Syndra’s ult go? Shakarez – A Riot staff member of the LEC has spoken out on this issue. He claims that there are not any game bugs in the above cases. Syndra’s modest damage comes from the following elements: Caps’s Magic Penetration stat = 0, while SofM has Mercury Boots and Challenging Smite (with a 20% reduction in damage taken effect).

At 15 minutes, Caps is only level 10, which means Power Blast is only level 1, he doesn’t have much equipment, each orb can deal 90 magic damage + 30.6 bonus magic damage. additionally, with 4 orbs, the damage stat on SofM is 482.4 magic damage.

However, as mentioned, Caps’s magic resistance penetration is 0, while SofM has 75 magic resist, plus Challenge Smite on Syndra to reduce his damage by 20%, this time , the damage that SofM takes is only about 220 damage.

Western community believes that SofM has the advantage of game bug experts confirm SN s victory is completely valid | Esports

Challenging Smite caused SofM to drain a large amount of damage from Syndra’s ultimate

This is the reason why Caps’s Q + E combo can deplete more than half of SofM’s health, but his ultimate becomes useless, as shortly after exiting the stun, SofM uses Smite on. Caps.

Also, casting W and Flash near Syndra is simply the purpose of attacking and putting damage back on Syndra. It is possible that many players will miss this, but with Graves, the closer he gets to the target means that his prey will hit more bullets from his basic attack, and take more damage.

And it must be added that, in this situation, SofM continues to show his ability to “jump number” powerful brainwaves, as well as capture information about the game in an extremely horror way. This guy, despite being hit by a combo, lost more than half of his health in a split second, but immediately realized that Syndra would not be able to defeat him, and instead of using a skill or auxiliary spell to escape, Graves was in SofM’s hand. fiercely replied “Soobin Hoang Cap” and beat this guy.

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