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Welcome a series of electronic gadgets with shock prices up to 50%, jubilantly welcome Tet!

Only today, a series of electronic appliances have a huge discount of up to 50% on Shopee. Additionally, users who pay for Shopee orders with their AirPay wallet, will enjoy an exclusive discount of 40K on orders from 120K when entering the APJAN15PR code today. Join the “hunt” deals of super-good electronic gadgets on January 14 at Shopee Techzone – Electronic Supermarket, and immediately apply coupon codes from AirPay wallet to double the joy of shopping, help your family celebrate Tet!

Endless Tet entertainment with LG 49 inch UHD 4K Smart TV (down 45%) to 8,990,000 VND

The long Tet holiday is not only an opportunity for people to meet relatives and friends, but also a time for the whole family to relax and gather together. This New Year, your family immediately buy the luxury LG 49 inch UHD 4K Smart TV, enjoy 4.0 technology that allows family members to enjoy watching TV programs, music, watching movies online or YouTube access. What are you waiting for without shopping today at Shopee and enter more exclusive discount codes from your AirPay wallet!

Connecting people with music with Arirang Smart K Karaoke machine (down 49%) to VND 2,640,000

Welcome a series of electronic gadgets with shock prices up to 50 jubilantly welcome Tet | ICT News

This Tet, together with music, connect the whole family together in fun and parties with Arirang Smart K Karaoke machine. Modern and classy, ​​Arirang Smart K Karaoke Machine with multitasking ability to help complete improve the requirements of audiovisual system, intelligent internet connection, packed with appropriate design, bring the ultimate experience for each member to test their artists. Along with that, the 1TB hard drive allows users to own an unlimited treasure of songs. Arirang Smart K Karaoke Machine is the perfect choice for home entertainment this Tet season.

Upgrade your listening experience with LG XBoom ON5 speaker (40% off) to VND 4,690,000

Welcome a series of electronic gadgets with shock prices up to 50 jubilantly welcome Tet | ICT News

Besides TVs and karaoke machines, LG XBoom ON5 portable speaker is an indispensable device to liven up the sound, increasing the excitement atmosphere for all home reunions. With the powerful Super Bass Boost technology “transmitting fire” or the brightly colored led lights and other excellent features, the LG XBoom ON5 portable speaker deserves to be electronic appliances to stir the atmosphere for more Tet. excited!

The kitchen is more warm, the meal is round with Electrolux infrared stove (down 17%) to 6,599,000 VND

Welcome a series of electronic gadgets with shock prices up to 50 jubilantly welcome Tet | ICT News

Tet is not only a time for the whole family to entertain but also an opportunity for members to gather at the table to reunite. In order to make cooking more gentle on Tet holiday, Electrolux infrared cooker is an indispensable “assistant” in the kitchen of Vietnamese families. With the feature of precise heat control and a wide temperature range to easily increase or decrease the temperature, the cook can soup the fire just enough for a bitter stew or pot of duck meat with a delicious and satisfying meal.

Fresh space thanks to Samsung AX40R3030WM / SV air purifier (down 33%) to VND 4,999,000

Welcome a series of electronic gadgets with shock prices up to 50 jubilantly welcome Tet | ICT News

Tet is bustling with fun and many times welcoming you to your home, the air purifier will contribute to your house more fresh and healthy for the whole family. The device automatically optimizes the filter modes and provides a 4-color indicator that visually displays the level of purification. In addition, the stylish and elegant design of the machine contributes to raising the level of living space, so that the house is more clean and airy.

This New Year, users should quickly pick up the fortune for the whole year to bring good luck home, choose the electronic items that are getting attractive discounts at Shopee, don’t forget to use the coupon code APJAN15PR today when making payment. via AirPay wallet!

In addition to attractive deals on Shopee Techzone today, users also enjoy many other perks. In order to provide a seamless shopping experience and support the needs of shopping, dining and entertainment during the Tet holiday, Shopee offers Shopee Tet Sale – Tet with many unique offers from AirPay. , NowFood with many attractive discounts & gifts from Fashion, Cosmetics to Life and Consumer Electronics.

Accordingly, the program will take place from February 11 to the end of February 16 (from the 30th of Tet to the end of the 5th day of the Lunar New Year), offering many super attractive promotional shopping opportunities. Outstandingly, users can hunt for a free shipping code from 0VND to 9pm and 9pm daily, enjoy the Flash sale of e-voucher products for convenient services on Shopee just from 8,000 VND and the opportunity to hunt for a shopping voucher on the whole floor up to 888,000 VND at 9H everyday on Shopee.

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