Weibo – An organization that is rumored to be buying Suning, possessing such ‘terrible’ potential?

In recent days, the Chinese online community has spread rumors about the organization’s parent company Suning about to sell this team for Weibo – China’s largest social networking site, aimed at paying off debt.

The fact that Suning changed his owner immediately after winning the great success at Worlds 2020 will probably leave many regrets for the fans. But when looking at Weibo’s current potential, this would be a “good” deal for all three parties: Weibo, Suning and the players.

What is Weibo?

Weibo is actually a generic noun (微 博), meaning “mini blog”. In China there are many pages Web with the same form as Tencent Weibo, Sohu Weibo and NetEase Weibo … However, Weibo MXH is considered the most popular, and also first born, Sina Weibo, which was set on April 7. / 2011.

Also because of the popularity of this social network compared to other “Weibo sites”, people have gradually got a habit of calling Sina Weibo to Weibo short.

This is also one of the largest social networks in China and the world at the moment. According to statistics from 2012, Weibo has welcomed 503 million users, and today, up to 30% of the population of China use Weibo. Sina Corporation – Weibo founding company, currently holds 56.9% of this MXH shares. Meanwhile, Alibaba – a group owned by billionaire Jack Ma, also acquired an 18% stake in Weibo’s in 2013 for $ 586 million.

According to the ranking of the world’s leading statistics site Alexa, Sina Weibo ranked top 21 in the list of the most influential websites in the world.

Profit old worlda Suning when he changed his name to “Weibo Gaming”?

According to experts, if this transfer occurs, Suning will only be renamed, and the current framework of the team will still function as usual. This is similar to other owner swaps in the past, such as Snake Esports to LNG Esports, or Samsung Galaxy to KSV and Gen.G Esports.

Weibo An organization that is rumored to be buying Suning possessing such terrible potential | GameK

However, there will also be some shifts in SN’s development plan if the team is transferred to Weibo, but most will go in a more profitable direction. One of the first advantages is that SofM and his teammates will be able to get coverage on China’s leading social networking site … completely free.

This will be of great help in promoting the brand and image of the team as well as the individual players.

The second advantage is that financially, as mentioned above, Weibo is contributed by many large corporations. And compared to the current Suning, this brand is not in debt, so pouring money into investment packages for Esports is just a simple matter.

Weibo An organization that is rumored to be buying Suning possessing such terrible potential | GameK

The important point is that the Weibo executives themselves are genuinely interested in the esports arena. During the Playoffs LPL Summer 2020 and CKTG 2020, the keywords related to League of Legends have reached hundreds of times in Weibo’s top search, a testament to the appeal of this video game to the client file of the top Chinese social media site.

And it is no coincidence that Suning is the name that is rumored to go to Weibo. After a series of memorable achievements in the second half of 2020, this team has become the new idol for Chinese League of Legends fans, despite their inability to keep the World Cup. The fact that Suning fell into debt also opened up a golden opportunity for Weibo to jump into the esports market. And Suning – “Golden keyword” of the Chinese social network in 2020, is a more reasonable goal.

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