WeChoice Awards 2020: Voting portal officially open!

After 15 days of receiving nominations from readers, WeChoice Awards officially closed the first stage and marked with impressive summary numbers. This shows the strong pervasive power of WeChoice Awards as well as the attention and support of the community in the journey to spread and celebrate positive, kind and good things.

And today, January 13, 2021, all 20 stories of inspirational characters was officially announced, along with that the voting portal WeChoice Awards 2020 was officially opened! From now on, you can read and vote for the characters, inspirational stories, entertainers, Youth Life and Community Pioneers at WeChoice Awards 2020. by visiting

The voting period will last from January 13, 2021 to 11:59 on January 21, 2021. Voting results will be announced on the night of the Gala Awards and Awards taking place on January 22, 2021!

Top 20 nominees in the category of Inspirational Characters – who are they?

The category that is most interested in and the most attention is the Inspiring Character. It can be said that the characters, the stories honored in this category – each of them bring their own mark, their own light and their own voice. Those are the same people who most strongly inspired the community in 2020.

Here are the 20 most inspirational characters this year:

WeChoice Awards 2020 Voting portal officially open | Living

In addition to the Inspirational Characters, Entertainment, Youth Life, and Pioneering Community category of WeChoice Awards 2020 are also available! New points of innovation, new imprints, and new-style nominees will definitely make you unable to ignore.

Entertainment category

WeChoice Awards 2020 Voting portal officially open | Living

2020 is not a very exciting year for Vietnamese entertainment, but last year we still see the impressive and impressive efforts and breakthroughs of the series of artists. That is the reason why the WeChoice Awards 2020 Entertainment category received many new names, many promising new faces, promising to bring a much more exciting “chase” in categories such as : Promising Rap / Hip-hop Face, Breakthrough Singer, Music Video of the Year, Movie of the Year, TV Show of the Year, Breakthrough Activity Artist.

Youth Life Category

WeChoice Awards 2020 Voting portal officially open | Living

This year’s WeChoice Awards marked a lot of new features in the Youth Life category. With the criterion to spend a lot of space for the inspiration from young people, especially the GenZ generation, a series of nominees attracted the attention of readers for the first time such as: Rising GenZ, Local brand Favorite, Sayings viral, The trend of social networks, …

Category Pioneers for the community

WeChoice Awards 2020 Voting portal officially open | Living

In 2020, campaigns for the community from many corporations have contributed to sustainable economic development, improving the quality of life for workers, local communities and society at large. At the WeChoice Awards, you can find the most impressive campaigns and projects for the community of Vietnamese businesses in the past year. And don’t forget to vote for the nomination you think deserves.

WeChoice Awards – Annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor people, tell the most inspirational stories, events, products and works that positively affect the community – has returned with a new message: Dieu Ky Vietnam.

The magic of Vietnam in 2020 not only comes from the numbers of its economy growth, size, or power. The miracle comes from every person of a small country, from leaders to ordinary people, from doctors to police officers, from fathers and mothers. , Son.

Join us to honor and vote for the stories and characters that you find worthy at WeChoice Awards 2020. The voting period is from January 13, 2021 to 23:59 on January 21, 2021.

Access to spread inspiration today.

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