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Warning: Danger lurks around new students

Careful multi-level

The multi-level sales company opens you up to a beautiful prospect, free working time, low wages and high salaries. To join a company, you must first pay a share called a share or buy a company product that is worth 2 to 5 million or more.

Your job is to get as many participants as possible, while the quality of the product is not certified, not commensurate with the price. And it takes a long time for you to recover the “capital” spent at the beginning.

Be conscious of protecting personal property

Currently, there are many daring incidents in big cities. The culprit often drives the car along the way to find the object. The slightest gap is that you could lose your property, and worse, an accident could happen if you were driving.

In order to keep the safety for yourself and property, when riding in a car, you should not wear side bags, limit phone calls when traveling. Ideally, all valuables should be put in the trunk.

Stay away from social evils

Along with fulfillment, the town is also full of pitfalls that if you do not control yourself, it can pull you down the hole at any time. Always keep a cold head and say no to evils such as flooding, injecting drugs, usury …

Warning Danger lurks around new students | Khám phá

If the circumstances are difficult, try to put in more effort by earning from part-time jobs. Currently, part-time work has expanded a lot, from driving technology, shipper, selling things online … but it is no longer required to just sell or serve. You can also easily find suitable and reputable jobs at social networking sites or search for jobs, e-commerce channels like

With the “student understanding” program, Buying and selling wants to help new students integrate better in the first year away from home. With just 1 simple STEP, new students can easily find everything they need.

Choose one of the two ways below to find information as quickly as possible!

Direct access to Click on the “Understanding students” banner at the home page.

Go directly to and view the posts that Muaban has prepared for the freshmen’s needs.

In addition, when accessing, clicking on the big banner, you will receive a soft file of the New Student Handbook compiled by Purchasing and Sales, as a spiritual gift to support you. the first days of admission.

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