Wano battle is not as attractive as Marineford, is Oda broken and One Piece is losing its appeal?

There are quite a few readers in recent times that the Wano arc is even a battle with very great forces, which is the presence of 2 Yonko, 8 Supernovas, the force of both sides is up to 40,000 but inferior to the great battle of Marineford, where Luffy failed to rescue Fire Fist Ace. So what is this actually?

Before the Wano arc began, Oda also stated that this would be the largest and most extensive sea battle ever. The battle at Wano was on a larger scale than the Battle of Marineford summit. Now that Wano has gone through most of the content, many viewers consider this arc less attractive.

Wano battle is not as attractive as Marineford is Oda broken and One Piece is losing its appeal | GameK

In fact, the scale of the Battle of Marineford was a battle between 100,000 marines, 1 marine admiral, 3 admirals, 5 Shichibukai and many other vice admirals against the Whitebeard Yonko and 47 pirate fleets. Besides, Whitebeard also has the help of Luffy with 2 Qiwu Hai and a significant escape force. The battle took place only at Marineford, the headquarters of the Navy.

The scale of the battle at Devil’s Island, as mentioned above, 2 Yonko, 8 Supernova, both sides’ forces amounted to 40,000. The battle is also encapsulated in the area of ​​Devil’s Island. However, in Marineford, the two factions only have one battlefield, that is right in the square, all eyes are on it. On Devil’s Island, the battle areas are divided a lot, on the top of the skull, outside the castle, inside the castle, there are battles happening on different floors such as the stage hall, 2nd floor, 3rd floor. Moreover, Marineford is a head-to-head confrontation, where Whitebeard and the navy are both prepared while Devil’s Island is actually an invasion of the coalition against Kaido. They know that their forces are weaker and the element of surprise comes first. Moreover, Ace’s death and the battle to save this character are more life-or-death nature, easily bringing more suspense and emotions to the audience.

Wano battle is not as attractive as Marineford is Oda broken and One Piece is losing its appeal | GameK

Meanwhile, Wano is a battle with too many outstanding faces. Oda by “fast-forward, face-to-face”, so it had to omit a lot of action scenes and replace it with details that show the nature of this battle. Surely you guys are still excited about the scene where Nine Hong Bao hits Kaido, Luffy uses Haki king or Zoro cuts Kaido, right? The fact that Wano has no shortage of action scenes and impressive moments, but the fact that readers are growing tired of this arc is for a reason.

The first Wano arc has lasted 118 chapters up to the present time, it started from chapter 909 and is now chapter 1027. With this number Wano is also the longest arc in One Piece up to the present time. . Regarding the storyline, Oda still retains the same action style, logic, humor and extreme “turns” that are his trademark. However, if you are a long-time reader, you will feel that watching One Piece is too tired, the story is too time consuming. An audience member commented that in the past, watching the battle of Whitebeard felt grand, vital and deadly, but now watching the Kaido match, he just sat and counted how many times Mr. Luffy returned to punch Kaido. The fact that One Piece both manga and anime are stretching out and creating a sense of fatigue for readers is a reality that many people reflect.

Wano battle is not as attractive as Marineford is Oda broken and One Piece is losing its appeal | GameK

Wano battle is not as attractive as Marineford is Oda broken and One Piece is losing its appeal | GameK

However, many readers still believe that with Oda’s style, this is only a small opening of the battle, Oda will always push the situation to the climax but not yet. This battle has a long way to go, there are many more twists and turns that are not only more exciting, but also have many surprises. However, if this happens Wano will be a very long arc that by the end of 2022 it is unlikely that we will see the end of this battle.

The above is the author’s personal opinion about the battle of Wano not as attractive as Marineford, did Oda break his promise and One Piece Are you losing your attractiveness? The article uses some information and images from the fanpage “FC One Piece Vietnam”. What do you think about this issue? Please leave your comments!

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