Wakuoo – Play Android games on PC without an emulator, a new technology trend

Let’s find out right away about Wakuoo: the Android gaming platform on PC is considered lighter than the emulator, suitable for both low-end computers that support Android gaming on PC and also support Screen Slideshow feature phone to PC.

Introducing Wakuoo Platform – Play Android Games on PC


is a smart Android gaming platform on PC, which is considered lighter than traditional emulators. If with normal emulators, your computer needs to have a relative configuration to high-end, then with Wakuoo, you can easily play mobile games even on low-profile computers. In particular, it also supports

show phone screen on PC

. This is the advantage of Wakuoo compared to other emulators.

Wakuoo download link:


perfectly compatible with 99% of popular and popular games and applications in Vietnam, smooth playing Play Together, Free Fire, Lien Quan … or even “fight” even “heavy” games like Genshin Impact on PC because it supports both Android 9 games. In addition, it also fully supports Keyset keyboard for each game to be able to manipulate the game through the mouse and computer keyboard just like the emulator.

More specifically, the developer Wakuoo is integrating the phone screen projection feature on the computer for this product. Even when mirroring the phone screen to the PC, you can still use the keyset keyboard to control the game like playing on an emulator. This is definitely a big step forward and has the potential to become a new technology trend to replace current emulators.

Wakuoo Play Android games on PC without an emulator a new technology trend | GameK

When playing games on Wakuoo, you can open the appropriate Android driver (including Android 5/7/9) to play mobile games on your PC, or project your phone screen directly on your computer in case you want to play. some emulator games do not support such as Sky Children of The Light, or some limited emulator games like Pubg Mobile without worrying about being detected by the emulator…

What advantages does Wakuoo have over emulators?

– Lighter than emulators, supports playing Android games on low-profile PCs.

– Good game compatibility, smooth and stable experience, minimizing lag.

– Fully supports keyset keyboard like other emulators, allowing the use of computer keyboard and mouse to control operations in the game.

– Automatically recommend Android 5/7/9 (32bit and 64bit) drivers suitable for each game, you don’t have to wonder or find out which Android version each game is suitable for.

– Integrate more feature to project the phone screen on the computer. (helps to play mobile games that the emulator does not support on PC).

– Enthusiastic customer care team, support interface and Vietnamese language. Dedicated technical team, quick to handle bugs and errors.

Instructions for downloading and installing Wakuoo on PC (Computer/Lapop)

Step 1: Visit Wakuoo’s homepage and choose

Download now

. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file to install Wakuoo.

Wakuoo Play Android games on PC without an emulator a new technology trend | GameK

Step 2:



to start the application installation process. After the installation is complete, you choose


to open the application.

Wakuoo Play Android games on PC without an emulator a new technology trend | GameK

Step 3:

Start Wakuoo. Wakuoo’s search and management interface will appear. Here, you

Enter the name of the game you want to download into the search box and click Install.

Wakuoo Play Android games on PC without an emulator a new technology trend | GameK

Step 4: Sign in with your Google account

(the first time entering the application is like the operation on the emulator) to be able to access Google Play and download the game to experience.


In summary, we can all see that Wakuoo is software with advanced technology, bringing a great Mobile gaming experience on PC to users. Wakuoo is also suitable for weak PCs, much lighter than other emulators. And of course, Wakuoo also supports smooth play of all current hot games in Vietnam.

Wakuoo’s website:

Wakuoo’s Facebook page:

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