Vsmart Lux: Just existing is a great achievement

These days, the most popular Vietnamese smartphone community is probably not the Vsmart Joy 3 or the Bphone 86 but an unopened VinSmart phone. Based on the leaked information, the “Vsmart Lux” will have a front-facing camera hidden under the screen and will also use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 768G chip.

As Vsmart has no official commentary on Vsmart Lux except for the name, we still haven’t been able to determine whether VinSmart actually launches a leaked product. However, if the rumors are accurate, the existence of a Vsmart Lux with 768G with an under-screen camera is a miracle.

Camera under the screen – A familiar idea, but no big guy has realized it yet.

Why is that? First of all, let’s talk about the “hidden” camera idea behind the screen. This is a new idea that has not even been patented by Apple since 2009. However, more than 10 years later, Apple has not yet implemented this feature. IPhone 2020 model is expected to launch with “rabbit ears” like the last three generations of iPhone only.

A number of other phone companies (it seems) have gone further than Apple when it launched test products. In 2019, two Chinese smartphone makers, OPPO and Xiaomi, both announced models that could work. However, both companies have so far stopped at the idea level, and have not been able to put into commercial products.

As a smartphone company born a decade late after birth, no one thought Vsmart could shorten the gap so quickly. Remember that since the iPhone X hit shelves in 2017, “full screen” smartphones have been the target of the entire smartphone industry. So far, not even creative giants like Apple, Google and Samsung have yet to implement this idea. Smartphones in the past 3 years still have to wear a screen with a defect (“rabbit ears”, “mole”, “water droplets”), or must accept the use of a “protruding” camera that is not very durable.

Vsmart Lux Just existing is a great achievement | Phone

Whether launched sooner or later, the existence of the Vsmart hidden camera under the screen is really an amazing achievement.

Therefore, whether “Vsmart Lux” is launched before or after OPPO or Xiaomi phones, Vietnamese people have the right to be proud. If it can really perfect the camera technology under the screen, Vsmart will set foot on the finish line of the technology giants with much greater experience and potential. Finishing a difficult technology also demonstrates a high degree of mastery over core technologies such as monitors, cameras and processing algorithms, thus opening up great processing potential for the future.

The 768G chip, though not as noticeable as an under-screen camera, is still a big milestone of Vietnamese smartphones. It should be pointed out that this very new chip has been sold by Qualcomm to only two major players in the “top 6 worldwide”, namely Xiaomi / Redmi and Vivo. Or, Bkav CEO Nguyen Tu Quang once shared about Qualcomm’s difficulty level:

“Like making a smartphone, you need a chip. No. 1 is Qualcomm. But Qualcomm refused. They think Vietnam cannot do it. [….] It took Bkav 3 years to convince Qualcomm. After having the product, I tried to persuade that I wanted to do it, then they agreed.

Vsmart Lux Just existing is a great achievement | Phone

Because Qualcomm is “challenging” its partners, the US company’s willingness to supply Snapdragon 768G so that Vsmart can create a model from this year makes it clear that VinGroup’s smartphone company is really respected by this partner. important. Remember, this chip is currently only used on two important products of Redmi and Vivo, K30 RE and X50. It seems that Qualcomm is also very confident in the potential success of the upcoming Vsmart Lux.

Since Joy 3 this year set a miracle to sell 12,000 devices in the first day, and because Vsmart also made a miracle to become the third name in the top brand in Vietnam, that belief will be completely there. basis. After succeeding in the affordable segment, now is the time for Vsmart to conquer a more fierce segment but also more sweet fruits: the mid-range / high-end segment. In the style of “challenger”, Vsmart will attack this segment with a technology that has been considered difficult by big companies.

We even have the right to dream that, when Vsmart Lux is successful, Vietnamese people will have another pride in the world of technology. We will be at the forefront of a technology that Apple, Google and Samsung cannot even perfect. Just one day, that dream is still far-fetched – can this year come true?

That’s why, not to mention the sales and price hastily, just Vsmart Lux is real, that’s a miracle.

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