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VNG brings League of Legends: Speed ​​Chien closer to Vietnamese gamers than ever, everyone will experience

On November 7, Riot sent a lightning strike to Vietnamese gamers, who were crossing the barrier to playing “underground” League: SpeedChien. According to this announcement, all players outside the region where Riot is opening the Open Beta for League of Legends: Rapid War but intentionally using a VPN to illegally log into the game will be completely blocked.

Although this announcement does not directly refer to Vietnamese gamers, everyone knows that Southeast Asia server has 10 countries, except Vietnam, but the number of Vietnamese players currently present at this server is extremely large. . The last hope of Vietnamese gamers now is VNG and Riot released soon Alliance version: Speed ​​War for the Vietnamese market.

Before that, according to the announcement of Riot Games, Vietnamese gamers will officially experience League: Speed ​​War at the beginning of December this year. But remember, that is only an estimated time and up to this point there is no official information confirming the specific time that Vietnamese players can download League of Legends: Express War on two stores. official download App Store and Google Play Vietnam.

VNG brings League of Legends Speed Chien closer to Vietnamese gamers than ever everyone will experience | Mobile & Social

Recently, however, the official Fanpage League of Legends: Vietnam Speed ​​War has released tNot reported about the express train extremely special. “As you all know, League of Legends: Express is about to land in Vietnam and we want to give you a surprise present ahead of the launch!

The gift is the offline event of the Express Tournament – giving Vietnamese gamers in all parts of the country an amazing journey with lots of interesting things and unexpected gifts from League of Legends: Express War ! “.

Recently, the specific schedule of this trip has been confirmed. The most special thing is that this Express bus ride will travel through Vietnam to welcome Vietnamese gamers and bring the Alliance brand: Toc Chien to all parts of the country. This is really a unique PR – Marketing tactic that VNG and Riot are applying to this game in the Vietnamese market.

According to the announcement schedule, the Highway Battle will stop at the locations after:

VNG brings League of Legends Speed Chien closer to Vietnamese gamers than ever everyone will experience | Mobile & Social

November 14 – November 15: Can Tho

November 21 – November 22: City. Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong

November 28 – November 29: Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong

In addition, the Chien Express Tour also stops by and check in at the following locations across the North – South Road. Thus, the journey through Vietnam of the Union: Express Chien will start from 7 this week and end on 29/11. During this time, it is likely that Vietnamese players will have a more specific and clear view, even experienced before League: Express Chien?

We will continue to update information about League: Rapid War in the future. Update more latest information of League: Speed ​​War on the Fanpage of this game at Here!

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