Virtual Marathon Hoi An 2020: The virtual race challenges all limits, and we will win!

Eliud Kipchoge – If you are a running lover, you’ve probably heard of this name.

Kipchoge is a middle-aged Kenyan man with a strong physique, austere but gentle face, the first in the world to break the “human limit”, or more specifically, the first to conquer marathon running track for less than 2 hours.

Wait, what is 2 o’clock? In a professional marathon, the 2-hour milestone exists as a challenge to human physical limits. In 1908, the World Athletics Federation (IAAF) organized its first official marathon, with a distance of 42,195 km. Since then, no athlete has ever reached the 2-hour mark when completing this run. In May 2017, Kipchoge was the first athlete to reach the finish line with the fastest time – 2:00:25. Before him, no one had ever done that. However, that number is still not a legendary 2 hour mark. That is also the reason that all experts, even scientists – agree that the 2-hour milestone is “the limit of man”.

Everything changed in October 2019. Once again, Kipchoge challenged this limit with a historical conquest. That day was Saturday, and Kipchoge took 1 hour 59 minutes 40.2 seconds to complete the legendary 42km run. This is considered a symbolic victory, it says: By his will, people can completely break all limits and challenges, whether physical or mental. And that will can make seemingly invincible things.

Willpower is also what makes the beauty of running. The simplest sport in the world, you need nothing but a pair of shoes and so on and run at full speed. After each step, the limits are extended and the milestones are replaced. Running not only brings health and endurance. Run to overcome each person’s limits and challenge every barrier that comes from surrounding. You can start running and feel squeezed out in just 2 minutes. But as each day passed, the number continued to last longer, and you realized that you were able to run 2 hours in a row and tired. At that time, you know you have surpassed yourself, and that is a mental victory.

Because of that meaning and the spirit of unyieldingness of running, a special race was born in the middle of the epidemic days threatening to threaten us again. Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 is a professionally organized virtual race for athletes who are passionate about sports for a long time isolated from the Covid-19 epidemic. You can choose to run alone on a familiar track around the house, outside the park … With the flexibility of space and running time, the virtual run completely meets the requirements of social distance due to Covid epidemic. -19 of the Prime Minister. Athletes only need sports spirit and a device with the measurement software connection.

Virtual Marathon Hoi An 2020 The virtual race challenges all limits and we will win | Live

The memorable thing here is, Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 actually almost held in the traditional Marathon form, with the track running through the beautiful scenery of Hoi An. However, the “second wave” of Covid-19 in Da Nang, Hoi An has stopped the race to ensure the safety of all athletes and adhere to social spacing. This has created a great regret for the contestants participating in the competition. All love the running and love the peaceful beauty of Hoi An.

But that will not stop us from striding. Through this special virtual race, BTC wishes: With each step and the immortal sports spirit of the athletes, we will always be with Danang and the people of the country through this difficult time. The journey against epidemics must continue, but we will not forget Da Nang or any other city.

Virtual Marathon Hoi An 2020 The virtual race challenges all limits and we will win | Live

Pandemics and their dangers create new limits, separating us from the joys and routines of life. But the spirit and the strong will will break those limits, just like the way Kipchoge has transcended all “human limits” in the history race and made the impossible seem possible. . Together we will complete the virtual run with the belief that Danang, Hoi An, Hanoi and Saigon – our whole country will also overcome this great challenge, and once again win COVID. -19! That is the message that Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 wants to bring with the athletes in the midst of this difficult challenge: #STAYTRONGVIETNAM!

Another particularly significant thing that this virtual run brings about is that every step of the athletes will join forces with the country in the fight against the epidemic. BTC Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 and the sponsors of the tournament will join hands with the athletes to build #StaystrongVietnam fund to send to Vietnam Fatherland Front a small part in the prevention of COVID-19 disease. .


Virtual Marathon Hoi An 2020 The virtual race challenges all limits and we will win | Live

Runners registered for the WOW Marathon Hoi An on August 8, 9, 2020 before, along with athletes from everywhere participating in the virtual run, with the registration gate open from August 3, 2020. at You can run anywhere, Vietnam or around the world, in terms of ensuring distance and safety, anytime from August 9, 2020 to August 25, 2020.

Athletes participating in the Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 will have the option to complete 3km, 10km, 21km and 42km distances within a day’s allowable time and provide proof of time to the BTC.

All athletes who complete the virtual race will receive an official Kit including: T-shirts to participate in, the medal, the BIB commemorative and the certificate of running for the Covid-19 prevention fund from the organizers.

Virtual Marathon Hoi An 2020 The virtual race challenges all limits and we will win | Live

Virtual WOW Marathon Hoi An 2020 is a virtual run professionally organized by WOW Holidays – the leading travel experience provider, GreenHat and 84Race. With the message #StayStrongVietNam, the race brings the #WonderRun challenge – through every run of the athlete, the organizers will pay VND 5,000 / km to the Covid-19 prevention fund.

Detailed rules of the program to watch here.

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