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Vingroup started manufacturing ventilators and body heat meters at VinFast and VinSmart plants

Responding to the call of the General Secretary, President, Prime Minister called on the people to participate in supporting the prevention of Covid 19, under the drastic guidance of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, on 3/4 / 2020 Vingroup announced its decision to deploy the manufacture of all types of ventilators (Intrusion and Non-Invasive) and body thermometers to supply the Vietnamese market.

12 noon on 30/3/2020 The leaders of the Group convened an emergency meeting and ordered all the Research Institutes of the Group to stop all daily tasks, focusing on finding and researching options. to be able to produce breathing machines. The units assigned the main responsibility are Research Institute – Automotive Design 1, Research Institute – Automotive Design 2, Mobile Device Research Institute, Research Institute – Design Smart Home Appliances , Telecommunication Equipment Design Research Institute, Smart Battery Design Research Institute, VinFast Automobile Factory and VinSmart Electronics Equipment Factory, all Group Leaders and Specialized departments are responsible for coordination, support and are required to work directly 24/24 telephone.

Vingroup started manufacturing ventilators and body heat meters at VinFast and VinSmart plants | ICT News

After just one day and night, the units have found a lot of partners who are willing to share the design and the information they need to get started. Soon after, Vingroup signed a license agreement with US Medtronic to use their design for the P560 Intrusion Ventilator, and began researching the Non-Invasive Breathing Machine based on the school’s design. MIT University (USA) shared with the community

The supply is divided into two groups: The group of components that can be purchased on the market and the group of Vingroup components that must be made by themselves, or cooperated / supported manufacturing partners due to their production capacity. over. “Vingroup has an advantage of having two companies producing cars and electronics, so we can manufacture both large parts, mechanical parts and difficult and rare parts at the same time. At the moment, like electronic boards, we also have good design engineers to be able to transform the conceptual designs, 2D designs provided by manufacturers into detailed, complete designs on request. needs of manufacturers “- Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy – Vingroup Vice President shared.

It is expected that the first batch of non-invasive ventilator components will arrive in the factory in 2 weeks and after 4 weeks there will be batches of non-invasive ventilator units. One day after having enough components, VinFast will release all kinds of ventilators to transfer to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology for appraisal and certification of quality before being put to use in health facilities around the world. national.

Vingroup started manufacturing ventilators and body heat meters at VinFast and VinSmart plants | ICT News

The body thermometers have been successfully tested and produced with a component cost of only VND 16 million, dozens of times lower than the current body temperature gauges on the market. The estimated component price of Non-Invasive Ventilators is about VND 22 million, with the Intrusion Unit being VND 160 million.

“We expect to supply these devices to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam at the right cost of components, and do not include all transportation costs, taxes, labor costs, production costs … into the price. In the immediate future, we will give the Ministry of Health 5,000 Non-invasive breathers for timely anti-epidemic service “- Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang General Director of Vingroup said. “In addition to the capacity of VinFast factories, VinSmart can produce up to 45,000 Non-Invasive Ventilators and 10,000 Intrusion Ventilators per month, we can support other manufacturers around the world to process. equipment for them, or part of their needs – the specific quantity depends on the partners’ ability to supply components. ”

Vingroup started manufacturing ventilators and body heat meters at VinFast and VinSmart plants | ICT News


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